4.6 Qt Running on a Nokia N900 and Maemo 6 Need

In the video you enter into this story we see developed examples with libraries Qt 4.6 This morning announced us Sacha, what we see is working on a prototype of Nokia N900.

Facing developers, work with libraries like that develop Trolltech It is a great advantage, and so Nokia bought the company at the beginning of last year, have the peculiarity of work regardless of the platform, since they make use of a plugin to the browser in the same way Flash or Silverlight to do so, but with a difference, it is open source.

The idea of Nokia is create a Qt layer above the operating system, facing the development of applications that will work regardless of the device, to the point where we can see them running on Windows Mobile, Android or the future Maemo 6.

Speaking of Maemo 6, already the first specifications were presented, was created to supplement the main lack of Maemo 5: support for capacitive multitouch screens, as well as the possibility of working in landscape, and normal mode since Maemo 5 does so only the second way.

Have no news of when will be shown on the Maemo 6 market, but it seems likely that during the next year, as well as technology Qt of which you speak will be available in the first quarter of 2010.

Returning to Qt, I think courageous decision to Nokia for betting technology for these features, but seeing the impact and need for Flash in the mobile scene I think that there is still space for them, even if you like it or not, the road that are opening up technologies like HTML5, CSS and Javascript will be the option that will prevail in the future.