Android or Tea Allows Postponing Notices to Return Them to Later Receive

Once you got a notification and I would like you to receive it more later? Maybe with the next version of the operating system Android or you can delay notifications.

When you receive a notification you can slide it slightly was a side to display its options, being that of postponing one of which they released Android or.

Delay notifications or Android

Or Android allows us to postpone our notifications to receive them later. In particular gives us to choose again to receive the notification in 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour. By default it will marked the option of 15 minutes but displaying the list we can extend the time or discard the option of postponing.

At the time marked the notification will return to appear again on our device as if it was your first time. In addition, we can postpone all times that we want a notification.

In this way we can now use the notifications as reminders, to be able to receive later those notifications that we don’t want to forget us.