Archos 45 Neon: Cheap Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The ARCHOS 45 neon can be operated liquid. With a second mini-SIM card slot using the device, privately and professionally. The battery is large enough, in order to use the phone all day. The image quality of the camera disappointed due to noise and missing details. Pro fun working speed liquid operating dual-SIM of interchangeable and big battery memory card slot order this product at Amazon contra bad camera no LTE heavy satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating (out of 1 reviews) the ARCHOS 45 neon offers for less than 100 euro two SIM card slots (dual SIM), Google’s operating system Android 4.4 kitkat, two cameras, a fast quad-core processor, as well as a big battery. Sounds well initially. But where does the manufacturer cuts? Our site has the entry-level Smartphone in the detailed practice test out with surprising results.

ARCHOS 45 neon: first impression

22 special features Archos 45 neon in the hands on

Solid, but plastic

The first thing striking 45 neon at the ARCHOS is the weight. Taking hard, it feels while solid processes and stable, yet also very the device in hand. It weighs 164 grams, approximately 20 grams more than other devices in the same price range. This is due to the thick battery with a capacity of 3,000 milliampere hours (mah). Therefore measures the cell phone probably 13, 4 x 6, 6 x 0, 8 cm and therefore belongs to the team of chunky entry-level smartphones. Despite cleaner processing, makes the ARCHOS 45 neon no particularly significant impression. Last but not least, due to the cheap-looking plastic housing. Although the edges appear high quality as made of anodized aluminum, but appearances are deceptive more plastic comes to the fore, if you scratch the shiny layer from the edges.

Pixel arm and sufficiently bright

The IPS screen of the ARCHOS measures 4.5 inches 45 neon and offers a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels converted a pixel density of 218 results in ppi. That sounds like a little and in fact can be easily locate individual pixels on the screen. You can see that at the mere viewing of app icons that seem blurred at the edges that also applies to very small, delicate font elements. The display resolution is sufficient but, easy to surf the Web or watch youtube videos. The display is not especially bright, but under the Sun or in direct light more or less easy to read even from a bad angle. Although the automatic brightness control, depending on the situation, reacted quickly, however the sensor set each time to dark the display. Best you disable the automatic and manually adjust the brightness.

Liquid operation, vehicle touchscreen

The quad-core processor (MT6582) from the House of Mediatek, with a clock speed of 1.3 ghz per core, as well as 512 megabyte random access memory (RAM) provide enough pace to ensure a smooth operation. When wiping over the homepage’s together with no annoying delays the use of widgets, themes, and settings as parallel was also of several apps. Annoying: The biggest weakness showed up at the operation of the touch screen, which often did not respond to try out, if you don’t be hard pressed on it enough. Good for gamers: game light-hearted represents the Smartphone properly, for example, Angry Birds by Rovio.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co. Scarce memory
the internal memory contains 4 gigabytes (GB) of about 2.5 GB for apps and other data can be used. If you need more memory, is a microsd card with up to 64 GB in the Smartphone. However, the small memory in particular play con men worry about disappointment. Because the Android system can only conditionally on the external memory card ship games up with a root or an older operating system to Android 2.3.5. To remedy storage the merger for the space problem. It’s an ARCHOS software, which combines internal memory as well as the volume of the external microsd card, to work on the one hand and on the other hand to create more space for large files (some games). All new Archos tablets and Smartphones, as well as already available models are already in may 2015 an OTA update with the new software will receive.

Huge battery

In contrast to the store, the battery is very lush. There’s so far no Smartphone under 85 euro, Paroli offering the ARCHOS 45 Neon with 3,000 milliampere hours (mah). This capacity the device should get away with loose a day, according to the manufacturer even up to three. It would be possible, because the 45 neon relies on an IPS display low resolution that saves power!

No LTE and dual SIM

On the road you reach at a speed of up to 21 megabits per second (HSDPA) in the Internet. Especially in the lower price segment, we find such devices more frequently. When good reception that enough loose to check emails, via whatsapp to chat or even a youtube video to play. Fleet LTE data Turbo is missing, but the manufacturer has an FM radio, GPS module for determining location and integrated Bluetooth. The space for a second mini-SIM is handy to use privately and professionally about the device.

Camera: problems without auto focus

Neon aboard the ARCHOS 45 has two cameras. The front camera with 2 megapixels is suitable for video calls or Selfies you optionally snap using a knob below the rear-view camera. The button also serves as a quick access for the camera app, if it is not already open. To launch the camera app, hold down the button for a long time. The rear art eye convinced not’s in the test run dual SIM section compared to the Nokia Lumia 630 miserably. First and foremost, the non-existent auto focus is responsible for excessive noise and detail poverty on the test images. Colors were also pale and unnatural, the contrast between light and dark was satisfactory. Although the image quality for viewing on the ARCHOS phone ranges, large-format view not but worth. There also the LED flash brings little, because the device even in good light conditions was just bad photos.

Alternative: Nokia Lumia 630

The need for a second card slot, a better screen resolution and abundant storage for photos, videos and games, is worth a look at the Nokia Lumia 630 dual SIM, to have currently just under 95 euro it is more than it costs so 13 Euro 45 neon. The Nokia Smartphone with Windows phone 8.1 operating system is well processed, fast enough and offers a very good screen for this price class. A low memory is probably one of the most serious shortcomings of cheaper entry-level Smartphone. However, on Windows devices, is not a big problem because most apps directly on the microsd card store. For the rear-view camera in the Our site test shot passable pictures, you avoid the purchase of the device while a front-facing camera for Selfies. As also at the ARCHOS 45 neon personalise the device with various coloured top shells discretion.