Best Cocktail Recipes, Cocktail Maker in a Nice App Material

Here is a new app/collection of cocktail recipes that promises very well. I state now, the database is equally provided: for example, the Cuba Libre, the Mojito, the Bellini and the White Russian, just to mention the most famous. Though anyone can post new recipes, so (hopefully) the problem will only be limited to early stages of launch.

Why, then, prefer it to the more established apps like Cocktails Flow and The Barman? The answer is simple: the interface. Find an app of this category with a style somewhat consistent with Android is a business. Here, instead, we have a nice Material Design implemented properly, with all the elements where they need to be, and the stylized depictions of every cocktail perfectly in tune with the general mood.

The navigation is very simple: it is an alphabetized list of all the recipes featured. At the time there will be a dozen poor, so features such as the Favorites and the Instant Search (also for ingredients) seem a bit superfluous. But with a proper database will really use. Important: the recipes are all explained in English, though the units are “our” of the metric system (you can also set the American ones, if desired).

It is clear that, as it stands, has a fairly limited utility cocktail maker. But if you are willing to grant it a while, see how it evolves, the potential to become the best there is everything. If you want to take a look at it, it’s free and has a small banner below just annoying.