Certified Camera Ricoh and Resistance to Water: That Sounds for The Sharp Aquos Zate

Huawei took a leap in design and construction time carrying their products for a more careful and demanding line that put him among the top, and this year salpimentaba your top with the prestigious photographic firm Leica. An incentive that serves as a teaser for a sector public which tends to cater to the camera and the Sharp you might also want your piece, seeking another great ally in photography: Ricoh.

As it leaked and feature in Gizchina, the maker of mobile phones would have opted for include the participation of Ricoh in the picture of what will be the new top of range of Sharp, Aquos Zate. In this way, the manufacturer would seek to make a hollow to its logo in the battle for the best camera that increasingly becomes more complicated with rivals such as the S7 Galaxy or iPhone Plus 6s.

Looking for friends with a good eye

Mobile manufacturers to make friends with the cameras is not nor much less something new. Looking back, as far back as to resurrect the Nokia’s own smartphones, can remember the inclusion of Zeiss Optics at its terminals. We have the latest example with Huawei, that as we remembered at the beginning has resorted to Leica for collaboration at the level of hardware and software (which, apparently, will see more products).

Of agreement with Ricoh Sharp little is known, in fact even nor is it clear whether the certification in this case is at the level of hardware or software. What if go knowing things is the terminal itself: the camera that would come with the Ricoh certification would include a 22.6-megapixel sensor (in principle only one, unlike LG and Huawei) and would be water resistant.

Other data that are known are in terms of the power of the terminal, setting up a 820 Snapdragon and 3 GB of RAM. The screen will be as it is just type IZGO, house technology, while diagonal size is known at the moment. What is known by the leaked photos is that it will be available in white or black.

But where was Sharp?

This manufacturer has not exactly highlighted by catalogue, but quite the opposite. In fact the latest releases boasts are 20th Aquos, the Aquos Zeta and Aquos Crystal 2, in date of July last year (with permission of the Evangelion, clear). Iterate this second of the initial Aquos Crystal, the first smartphone that launched the brand after a year of hiatus, or rather rebirth, already characterized their terminals by the near-absence of marcos on the front.

Apparently, the new top of range would enter compete face to face against the rivals more pointers from the competition, both components in this hard battle which has become having better optics on the market. Apparently, in addition, start a new line in terms of nomenclature. We will see if this is confirmed next month of July, serving one year of his latest releases.