CyanogenMod Will Arrive at The Samsung Galaxy SII Soon

A couple of months ago we saw how the first ROM came to Samsung Galaxy SII: VillainRom. This was not just the tip of the iceberg and was a matter of time before one of the most popular handsets received one of the most popular ROMs. We’re talking, of course, of CyanogenMod.

That’s right, CyanogenMod will arrive shortly to the Samsung Galaxy SII at the hands of Team Hacksung. For the time being There is no departure date but its creators have left us a demo video so we can see the potential of the ROM in the Korean company dual-core phone.

As you can see in the video CyanogenMod works with High fluidity, Although you will have to test and verify its performance. You can take a look at the Github’s Team Hacksung to keep abreast of how advances the development of the ROM, in any case we will inform you here when it becomes available.