Dxomark Promotes Cam of Nexus 6 p

Despite the lack of optical image stabilization, the experts at DxOMark have already promoted with flying the new sensors installed on the new Nexus, among the best in the smartphone market. Made by Sony and can take photos up to 12.3 megapixels, the real news about the pixel size, much larger than the competition can get to measure 1.55 microns. This greater size allows you to capture much more light than traditional sensors, thus offering top performance in low light, highly realistic color rendition and excellent white balance.

DxOMark awarded the camera of the Nexus 6 p a score d the 84 out of 100, the second highest of the site 4, iPhone Notes , beating even Galaxy 6, Moto X Style and even LG G4, considered one of the best devices from the photographic point of view. The only smartphone to remain still on the top step of the podium is Galaxy S6 Edge.

The focus is also excellent (probably thanks to Laser Focus) and in general the noise amounted to very low levels. One downside detected by women , concerns the DxOMark HDR photos with very dynamic colors some areas appear washed out. In any case, this new sensor seems to promise very well and the first sample photographs do not seem to prove otherwise.