Free Display Repair: LG Attracts Customers With Start Offers

The South Korean Smartphone manufacturer LG advertises its new smartphone flagship G4 already one week before launch. All customers who purchase the new phone in South Korea, get free exchange of a display and a memory card. The reported androidcentral, and refers to the Korean manufacturer’s corporate blog. Offer valid for one year after purchase. But who really wants to have the 64-gigabyte card, must decide in the short term to buy.

Offer is valid only until May 31, 2015

The offer applies to only four weeks from launch. That is to say: only if you buy a G4 between April 28 (launch) and may 31, 2015, comes the full benefit of the advertising package. Everyone who is later on it gets only the Smartphone without repair, without memory card, but with some more time. Offering the LG probably on its home market wants to support the launch in South Korea.

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Good facilities at the LG G4

The LG G4 should get a 5.5-inch quantum display rumored to. LG uses the quantum technology of tiny nano-particles give a different color light, only at his 4K-Fernsehern. Also, the Smartphone has apparently a 16 Megapixel main camera and a front-facing camera with 8 megapixel resolution. For an exclusive look it should also be wrapped in a leather case.

Promotional offer applies exclusively to South Korea

Whether the offer that offers LG in South Korea, the buyer also convinced, remains to be seen. So far, it is clear: in Europe, LG plans the display Exchange service nor the free 64-GB memory card, explained the company androidcentral on request.