Google/LG Nexus 5 x: Will Buy an Adapter Separately to Connect It to Your PC

We have seen in past hours that packs of two new Nexus will have a slightly different: in the “cheap” Nexus 5 x, in fact, miss the USB adapter cable USB A Type-C, the standard ports 2.0/3.0 which is still the most widely used today.

A cable would seem puny indeed, however, reveals a significant problem: it is essential to connect the cable to a computer –say the 99% of those present in our homes, because very few include a USB port-C at full size.

It is true that among cloud storage and apps always easier to send files of any type, will be many wireless users who may not have ever needed. Things change radically for modding, though, or who develops apps, or who simply has no problems with the device and requires advanced diagnostic tools for PC.

Of course, now the standard towards which we are moving is that, and sooner or later the doors Type C for PCs and notebooks will become widespread, but until then an adapter cable package would be a nice move by Google.

LG Nexus 5 x is available online from Carpentry to 209 euro or from ePRICE to 303 euros. The value for money is good. There are 10 best models.