HTC: ensure Monthly Security Updates Is Unrealistic for Anyone

HTC recently took action on an issue that is particularly important to users of Android Smartphones (and Android), which is the policy on security updates. The statements by the President of HTC USA, Jason McKenzie must be contextualized after the events related to the Android operating system security leaks that have had great media hype, starting from the case “Stage Fright, and who brought important big market and to affirm the desire to release monthly security updates.

Responding to a user who pointed out how Google, Samsung and LG have adopted this policy and asking If HTC will provide security updates that were released on a monthly basis, the President McKenzie responded:

We will strive for monthly updates, but it’s unrealistic for anyone to say guaranteed every month

In essence, HTC will tend to align as much as possible the pace of release updates to the period of thirty days, but, in a transparent manner, States that an absolute guarantee you can’t have. I must say that the taiwanese company has shown concretely to not take anything lightly on theme of security updates, just scroll down, to stay on the subject of Stagfright, l’ list of devices that have received the patch to fix the flaw.

A sincerity significantly more proclamations of intent that you could not give a concrete Act.