Ikea Launches Sale Of Furniture With Smart Charger

Side tables, lamps, Ladepads: with the new range of furniture, IKEA urges the technology market. Wireless charging is the goal of the small charging stations are built into the new furniture. The products in the IKEA houses, as well as in the online shop are available since April 15, 2015. The Swedish manufacturer offers lights and tables, but even small additional Ladepads. IKEA makes it easy to customers who want to buy any new furniture. A charging station extends existing furniture me the loading function.

Karlovy and Riggad charge your Smartphone

In table, desk and floor lamps IKEA has built the Wireless-charging function. A round plus shows the user where the mobile phone must be. In addition to two lamps of series Karlovy designed especially for bedroom and living room appearance after the Swedish furniture company offers also a simple desk lamp Riggad. In a practice test our site has tried image the lamp Karlovy.

Side tables to buy or build yourself a

But not enough: the side tables sold Nordli and Selje the group now also with hole and charging station. Because the induction devices are simply inserted in a hole in the plate. In addition to the Wireless charging station each of furniture has a USB port. So the housing accessories charge two devices at the same time. Who needs no new furniture, which can be added the Chargers as well. Jyssen is called the station to build the handymen in their existing furniture. To make this work as quickly, IKEA provides a finished set of craftsmen. So, now also a battery drill and a hole saw to IKEA’s tool series include fixa. Prices and pictures to the IKEA products, see the photo gallery.

Samsung Galaxy, iphone & co.: phones without cable download this IKEA furniture

9 furniture To the photo gallery

Portable solutions

Who is satisfied with his device and would like to drill any holes, which offers two Ladepads IKEA. The round or oval-shaped pad with one or three integrated charging stations are called Northern markets. Once infected, load them flexibly in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, also your Smartphone on.

Smartphones need charging slots

Because not all phones support loading on an induction hob, you need to buy an extra cover for some smartphones like the iphone from Apple but also for the Samsung Galaxy devices S3, S4, and S5. Only as the Wireless charging works. Under the name Vitahult, the furniture store sold also cell phone cases for the above devices. COMPUTER has some charging cradles image along with the table lamp Karlovy gestest.

These smartphones are fit for the Wireless charging

26 pictures Smartphones with Wireless charging technology

IKEA introduces Wireless store in Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress in the March 2015 IKEA for the first time the new charging stations unveiled. Thus the furniture manufacturer gives a boost Wireless charging of smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 or many Lumia smartphones may: IKEA wants incorporate appropriate charging stations directly in his furniture.

IKEA: unwanted clutter

Furniture IKEA wants to make life at home easier and more enjoyable. Studies and visits to the people at home, we know that they don’t like clutter, it said in a press release. With the technology charge about wireless the new top Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG & co.

IKEA wins best product Award

Our site has at MWC in the melee fell for you and at the search made the absolute highlights. The main products received the coveted best product award of the editorial office. For the clever idea to transplant charging stations directly in furniture and to make them affordable for everyone, there were for IKEA and the wireless power Consortium the award innovation.