Impossible? The Certification of the Nexus 6 p MicroSD Speaks Australian

Artem confirmation

Impossible to believe? Until now there have been no information or rumor that they had shot the presence of the MicroSD slot on the new Nexus 6 p but, according to the Australian smartphone certification, it seems virtually certain memory expansion slot.

Before entering into the merits of certification, you should take a step back by analyzing Marshmallows. Android 6.0 introduced several new features and these include native support for the fingerprint sensor, USB Typc-C and the ability to use external memory as default write disk formatting in a particular way.

That said, Nexus 6 p is the smartphone that Google thought for developers and lovers of Nexus and that integrates all hardware supported by MarshMallow and you need to develop applications that interact with all APIs provided by Google: USB type-C, fingerprint reader and. .. because you don’t believe even a MicroSD?

In the gallery we put, you don’t notice cuts or slot but unfortunately are not complete images and not seen all sides of the Nexus 6 p and it is therefore impossible to tell if indeed the SD slot is present. Also often associated “microSD” using the OTG certification.

The FCC, however, is quite sure what he writes and although you are talking about the Huawei H1512 intended for the Australian market, it’s hard to think that there are hardware differences between the versions of Nexus 6 p destined to international markets.

Therefore, after the battery from 3450mAh, confirmed also by the FCC in this certification, expandable memory could make this Nexus 6 p even more interesting. It seems strange to think that Google has created a variant from 128 GB if memory is expandable. Tomorrow anyway we will know the truth and all you have to do is follow the live on our site |Tomorrow from 17.45.

Huawei Nexus 6 p is available online from ePRICE at 517 euros. The price is decent but there are few better models.