Insert the S-Pen on the Contrary in Recent Galaxy 5 Is No Longer a Problem

You may recall that, at the time of its debut, Galaxy 5 suffered from a problem related to the housing of the S-Pen that could cause the same inside, because of an incorrect entry.

By placing the pen on the contrary, this is blocked by a tooth belonging to the removal mechanism, forcing the user to remove the right phablet for safe removal (though later much less invasive solution methods have been discovered). Apparently this problem is destined to become part of the past, since, according to the pictures posted on the net, Samsung has revised the design of the component that caused this block by inserting a extra piece of plastic which could allow the expulsion of the pen even if inserted incorrectly.

As you can see from the picture posted above, the solution implemented by Samsung uses a plastic tab that overlaps with the one above. It is striking that such criticism has not emerged in the early stages of the design of the Terminal and that Samsung has not adopted before such a solution. All the latest Galaxy Note 5 should have this “patch” that completely closes the issue.

We advise you not to try although hardly in many of you have 5 Notes.

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