Jumpy Smartwatch for Toddlers

Designed for children, Jumpy is a smartwatch that falls outside the functions of a smart watch classic because it thought for the health and safety of children. Equipped with GPS, Jumpy allows parents to stay in tranquility being able to track, second by second, where is your child and what he’s doing. Lacks certain gaming experience that allows children to enter the world of high technology, allowing them to become familiar with video games fun and educational. The device, with simple design and colorful, will teach the child some daily habits are important to his health and to social harmony. An example is the remember to drink a sufficient daily intake of water, stimulating in a nice and playful.

Nowadays, as we know, the technology is becoming an integral part of the world around us, and with it the smartwatch, which in subsequent years will become surely an object of daily use imperative. With this in mind, in fact, the manufacturer JoyRay has wanted to try to educate the children of today with the technology of tomorrow through the fun and safety, both parents of the child. Jumpy is designed for an audience ranging from 5 to 8 years and includes all the modern technology of others smartwatch market such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice commands, gyroscope and funny gesture. Remember, for example, Sphero? A ball-robot controllable by iPhone, iPad and Android? Well, Rob is able to control it by simply waving their hands!

But that’s not all: the Jumpy OSSDK is completely Open Source and therefore available free from any developer who can create new apps and mini-games for children. Check vintagewill.com for vintage style watches.