LG G6 Gets Virtually No Secrets, So Is and How It Works Your Camera with Mode ‘Square’

Next Sunday the wait will end although we must recognize that the innumerable leaks have encouraged us much these two weeks prior to the presentation of a G6 LG of which we already know almost everything.

From the new interface with multi-tasking improved up to your audio high definition, through its smart wizard or its appearance with optimized full frontal, practically all the details a device that should arrive in stores next month of March already known.

In addition and if this out shortly, the own LG wanted to further raise the expectation gradually releasing pills in the form of videos so we know more – or so to know everything – his next ship logo before the official presentation.

We have wanted to touch it at the Mobile World Congress and bring you our first impressions, but let’s get started confirming your design with minimal frameworks, its resistance to water and its huge panel with a 2:1 format -18:9 If you prefer – never seen on mobile.

‘Square’, a multi-tasking different and very interesting option

The Korean manufacturer will build also a design smaller and with more screen on LG G5 to bring us a very visual, impressive functionality, and we would love to try.

It is of the mode ‘Square’, a very simple way of splitting the screen into two equal squares using format 2:1 that will allow us to use two complete applications on the screen of the LG G6.

That how are you can take advantage of? Then take a look at the new application of the camera that LG has developed for the G6, because we can go taking pictures and looking at them at the same time in a square bottom.

We do not know if this functionality will be extended to more useful applications as go taking screenshots while we recorded a video or similar utilities, but it’s good to see that the LG has worked very hard to launch a groundbreaking device with the past of LG, innovative and that seems to be very attractive.

We have patience that remains very low. You do not desconectéis you from here to Sunday or miss some detail surely!