LG Is Added to The Payment with Mobile and LG Announces Pay

Electronic payment with mobile is something that is expanding and in Spain we like more and more. Comfortably buy whose impact also thank trades, since we see that if the process is simple and easy it is most likely that you consume. Not in vain are becoming more manufacturers presenting their own system and now the turn comes to LG.

From his Facebook page the brand communicates that it will launch LG Pay after having signed an agreement with Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card, banks in South Korea. So brief has been the company with the announcement, which does not add any further explanation in the advertisement or by the spokespersons for the brand, which warn that there will be more information in the coming weeks.

Let’s start with House

Therefore, we have no information about plans for expansion of the program, because by entities that have signed that LG Pay will work in the native country of the company at an early stage. Recently we knew Samsung plans to make Samsung Pay to Spain the next year along with United Kingdom and China.

Thus, we would have the fourth system of electronic payment in the hands of a manufacturer of smartphones. It was quite obvious that Samsung would not sleep on our laurels in terms of its expansion given their weight in the industry and especially when Apple Pay and Android Pay begin to look face to reach Europe in 2016.

We will see the LG rhythm with its expansion and if Spain is among its objectives. The end and the Samsung out stays as a leading manufacturer of sales in this country (where the 90,4% of terminals are Android), a fact that could have helped in the fact of being part of this second round of expansion after start in Korea of the South and United States, and in the case of LG share is rather less.