Meizu and Situation Updates Version, Many New Features Coming Soon

Waiting to know the precise timetable for the arrival of the new Flyme 5, announced along with the flagship Meizu Pro 5, for all the terminals are already in our country with international firmware, are going to get interesting news for updates considered imminent, which will bring the latest version of the Flyme, 4.5.6.

  • Update for Meizu M1 NotesThe version expected is 4.5.6, Flyme OS based on Android 5.1 and containing an optimization of the Italian language;
  • Update for Meizu MX5The version expected is the OS the Flyme.
  • Update for Meizu MX4OS version 4.5.6 is expected the Flyme.
  • Update for Meizu MX4 ProOS version 4.5.6 is expected the Flyme.

The rollout will begin for all within one week from today, Meizu M2 Notes excluded, since it’s already been updated to Flyme 4.5.4 the a few days ago with the following changes.

  1. Optimized app startup time;
  2. Fixed a problem in the battery level display available;
  3. Fixed an issue that caused the entry in “Master” mode rather than “guest” mode;
  4. Optimized management of noises in the call;
  5. Optimized speed of wakening when receiving new calls;
  6. Fixed a problem with the volume of calls, perceived as unstable by the recipient;
  7. Fixed a problem with the SIM cards that caused the appearance of a white screen;
  8. Fixed a problem with running the receive calls when your smartphone is already being called;
  9. Fixed an issue with playback of Flac files;
  10. Optimized video startup;
  11. Fixed an issue that caused the interruption of the music playing Bluetooth headphones;
  12. Fixed a compatibility issue with the search function of applying Titanium backup.

As always, you can follow these steps to update via OTA waiting for notification or use the manual process by downloading the full file (833MB), the ndirizzato only to the model M2 notes, copy it into your smartphone’s memory and open it with the application documents, in order to start the automatic procedure.

  • Meizu MX5is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 245 euros. Goodvalue for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.
  • Meizu M2 Notesis available online from Amazon Marketplace at 159 euros. The value for money is good. There are 31 better models.
  • Meizu MX4 Prois available online from Amazon Marketplace at 225 euros. The value for money is great and is the best device in this price range.