Meizu Pro 5 and Exynos 7420 in a First Test on Temperature Under Stress

The new Meizu Pro 5 is definitely a very interesting terminal that was able to show the excellent work done by the Chinese company in the implementation of the SoC Exynos 7420at its first release outside the Park South Korean manufacturer’s products.

But how will the terminal if put under stress, especially as regards the operating temperature? To discover this, the new Pro 5 has undergone a series of tests that have made it possible to detect the heat produced during 5 minutes of tests on AnTuTu and when I play video full HD (1920 x 1080) for 10 minutes. We report that, during the test on the famous benchmark platform, the Terminal reached approximately 76,000 points and peak was 39.5 degrees Celsius, with an average of 34.9° Celsius. The back of the smartphone has reached 37.3 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature, while the average was 35.8° Celsius, probably due to the fact that the materials of the back retain heat better than other components (this explains the highest average).

Definitely lower the temperatures recorded during video playback, with a peak of 34.6 degrees Celsius and an average of 32.4 degrees Celsius, while the back we have a peak of34.2 degrees Celsius and an average of 33.5 degrees Celsius. The results are certainly interesting and allow us to recognise the excellent work of Meizu regarding optimization of the Terminal, which is never too warm even when used intensively.