Merger of O2 and E-Plus: What Has Changed? Answers to the Most Important Questions

The smallest mobile operator O2 swallows the third largest provider E-Plus, with Drillisch, there is a virtual network operator from July and LTE will be lower in the past few months it went after years of peace suddenly right around in the mobile market. But what does this mean for customers? Our site answers the most important questions.

What has changed for O2 and E-Plus customers?

These days Telefonica O2 and E-plus ignites the first stage of the network merger of its brands: customers of O2 and E-plus in the own network UMTS or LTE, will receive their phones switch automatically in the future in the UMTS-network of the partner network if UMTS is available there. There was ever such a national roaming. Older O2 customers can remember a similar cooperation from the early years of O2: from 1999 to 2009 were customers of O2 (initially in Viag Interkom) in areas without their own network to use the well developed T-mobile network.

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Who is the national UMTS roaming?

For all customers of O2 and E-Plus, or base, as well as for all other brands that take advantage of these networks: so Tchibo and Fonic (O2 network) as well as Aldi talk, Simyo (E-Plus) and blue. Also the numerous brands of discount provider Drillisch Smartmobil, globe, Maxxim, simply or Yourfone (via Drillisch in the O2 network) can the roaming use.

What need to do O2 and E-Plus customers?

To use national roaming for UMTS, customers at the O2 and E-plus network must turn only once off and on again your phone after conversion in the respective region. Until April 15, the roaming to work officially nationwide in the O2 and E-plus network. Update (20.4): According to current information it should take effective may end up really national roaming is enabled in all regions of Germany. With this trick you can check whether the change in the own region has already done: to enable the manual network search in the phone (or to automatically set) and then to the partner network (E-plus + or O2-DE +) log, the conversion is perfect. Before considering a restart of the Smartphone is recommended.

How to recognize active roaming?

Showing the Network name changes above For most Customers in the Mobile phone Display:

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Roaming Applies also for LTE?

No though because both networks actually have the greatest need to catch up. Show the current usage data of the Our site network test, which you can find in the app store by Apple, Google and Microsoft: thus telecom customers with LTE collective had 71 percent of the time connected to the LTE network. E-Plus it was 48 percent. Only 30 per cent, at O2

When merge O2 and E-plus complete?

Until the networks of O2 and E-Plus are fully merged, it will take another three years. Because masts of O2 and E-plus side by side are available at many locations, can not simply add the capacity of the two networks is, on the contrary: in the next few years Telefónica will remove about one-third of its 40,000 currently broadcasting stations. Parallel the LTE network operator wants to further develop and provide 90 percent of the population by 2016 at least with LTE.

As it continues with the building of the LTE?

Telefónica wants to press in the next few years on the tube. 2016 90 percent of the population of LTE available be available, at least outside of buildings. This percentage value refers to but not on the surface, but on people, especially on larger sites. How good is the network at your own site, you can check with the Our site network test app just by the way. An uncertainty factor plaguing all operators: mid of this year large areas of old GSM frequencies, as well as brand new and far-reaching 700 mhz frequencies for use commencing in 2017 will be newly auctioned. Further expansion plans of the operators of course depend on the output of this auction.

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Mobile rates are now more expensive?

No. On the contrary. Although there will be soon only three mobile networks in Germany, but a fourth provider is created as a result of the O2-E-plus merger: Drillisch. Background: The EU’s competition authorities demanded the delivery of network capacity by Telefónica. After negotiations with the EU and Telefónica Drillisch was awarded and must take off now until 2019 at least 20 percent of the network capacity from Telefónica.

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Who ensures competition after the merger?

So far provided E-Plus with various discount brands for continued mobile Unken price declines. This role now accepts Drillisch with its many brands. The background: Drillisch is still behind 1 & 1 with 2.6 million mobile subscribers with 2.07 million customers. Order to load until 2019 at least 20 percent of the Telefónica network capacity, as required by the EU, Drillisch must win very many new customers in the next few years. As a virtual network operator Drillisch wants to attract customers and so also numerically pass on 1 & 1:

Which Mobile phone Brands disappear?

But not only E-Plus customers are affected by the acquisition by Telefónica, but also all those contracts with mobile phone brands have selling access to the networks of E-Plus and O2. As the manager magazin, citing company insiders reported, the new owner wants to einmotten the former horse base. In the medium term, the brand E-Plus should fall away completely. Merge to the discounter range blue and Simyo, only Fonic probably survived the radical cure. For customers that has for the time being but no direct impact.

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Conclusion: where developed into the German mobile phone market?

During a press conference at the Mobile World Congress showed Telefónica Chief Thorsten Dirks to Our site and other representatives of the press confidently: we want to become the leading telecommunications company of in Germany. The national UMTS roaming significantly improves the mobile Internet coverage for O2 customers in rural areas. Given the pace of the Internet repair is necessary yet: the O2 UMTS network in the Our site network test badly cut off. Currently trailing both O2 and E-plus in the LTE development. But that could change in the next few years: Telefónica to redeem his promise of LTE expansion, Telecom and Vodafone get a stronger competitor. Because especially Drillisch drives the LTE prices into the basement with brands such as Yourfone and, the previous D-network provider must either make your network even better or also lower prices. Both can the customers right.