Motorola Updates Motorola Migrated

Motorola Migrated is an application available for several years now that allows you to transfer your data from the old terminals Android, iOS, or the classic “dumbfone”. With the latest Motorola application has removed a feature — the ability to transfer content from iOS devices, leaving unchanged the compatibility with the other two categories of terminals. In doing so, Motorola has released a really particular changelog which includes a list of alternative applications, all available Play Store, which will make up for the lack of compatibility with iOS.

In fact, this just might be the first sign of the future decline of Motorola migrated, since with Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be completely superfluous given that a similar system will be incorporated directly into the heart of Android. What is the fate of Migrated will be revealed only in the coming months, meanwhile we leave you the changelog and the direct link to the Play Store.
For users to Migrate:
We regret to inform you that we will eliminate the transfer services migrated for iPhone on September 27, 2015. You can still use the transfer services Migrated to Android and non smartphone, if you own an Android phone Lollipop 5.1 or earlier.
You can choose another app as an alternative for data transfers. Other clients have used Copy My Data, Phone Copier, ShareIt and more apps available in most of the app store.