Nokia Research Center Teaches Your Pocket Radar

The guys at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki not stop spinning new inventions related to mobility and telephony. Many of them use them daily in our terminals, but others never came out of the laboratories, we will see what happens with that we are concerned with these lines, Mobile Radar.

As we can see in the video demonstration that Nokia has prepared, Mobile Radar is capable of measuring the distance, speed and direction that takes an object using your mobile phone. As we explain the guys at Nokia conversations, essentially uses the same technology as police radars, based on a system that uses electromagnetic radiation reflected by an object.

In the show you can see several tests, such as control the volume of the music player gradually to the zoom in or out our hand without touching the phone. Even conducting a test with an object in his path, to simulate the situation of clothing from our hands to the phone.

In the second show check as the phone measures the distance, speed and direction of a person walk. The reality is that the possibilities of the technology are endless, another issue is the viability of the same inside a mobile phone.

The first step for gestural control of our phones or a simple lab test?