Nokia Returns and This Time with Android: Usually, Good and Bad

After many rumors and once that the agreement not to compete with Microsoft expired, Nokia has returned to the world of mobile telephony. And this time, as it should have been when were wrong to choose Windows as operating system, Android.

All those who live the birth of the boom in mobile telephony, before smartphones, Remember Nokia. It is a brand icon, despite missing several years. And it is why we have become not only with smartphones, but with an iconic phone feature, the 3310. I am sure that will be a best seller, but with small margins. Nostalgia sells.

The return of Nokia: good

In 2011, Nokia was quite lost. He had failed to understand the change of market and smartphones were eating all the cake. Symbian, the operating system developed for this type of Terminal failed to make the cut and lost market share to leaps. To combat it decided to change the operating system and they had to choose between Android and Windows.

In the end they decided to Windows. And much had to see that the CEO of Nokia at the time was Stephen Elop, former Executive of Microsoft, but then he gave explanations. The truth is that the bet was a failure and mobile division ended in the company from Redmond only two years later.

Along the way were some experiments of Nokia like Nokia X (an Android without Google), but We have Nokia where it should have been in 2011: with a winning operating system, with high quality and great variety of applications.

Either by nostalgia or because more players have better, the Nokia is good news. And, in addition, again with Android is a great news for which we enjoy with this operating system. You should be in luck.

Nokia returns but is not Nokia, usually

The truth is that since Nokia sold the mobile division to Microsoft is not a mobile company. It lost its employees specialists in this market, its factories and focused on other business: mobile network equipment. In fact bought Alcatel-Lucent not long ago, further focusing its main business.

But in the agreement of sale with Microsoft they did not sell their brand. And Nokia as Mobile brand still has a value. So it is worth making mobile Nokia, although it is not their core business. A situation so best thing is licensing the brand and is what they have done.

Therefore the new Nokia are not really Nokia, but Global HMD Oy (HMD) and manufactured in China by Foxconn. I.e., we have something like the new Alcatel, which is actually a brand that produces the Chinese company TCL and that has little to do with the creators of mobile of late 90’s.

However there is a difference. HMD is formed by past division of mobile Nokia and Microsoft. That is, although the new Nokia are not designed and manufactured by Nokia back is people making Yes Nokia devices the past decade. And have managed the transfer of the mark to make smartphones over 10 years by Nokia and also by Microsoft, for the sale of feature phones was the American company that had licensed the brand until 2024 (hence the launch of the new 3310). Within the bad (Nokia really is not doing mobile again) are in the best situation (behind are your ex-employees).

Few Nokia models and high-end, bad

In this first batch of smartphones Android Nokia has launched three models, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. Which is good because we think attacking the three main segments, input range, medium and high. But no, We have ranges of innings. Attacking a sector where there are highly populated and options.

This is not the revolution that we hoped Nokia

What Nokia needed was a twist to the market, we deliver all the knowledge of the people who a few years ago could not deploy all his wit to attack as the smart phone market was due. But out terminals of input range and average is not what will make that Nokia will revolutionize the market, far.

We need Nokia is a groundbreaking product innovations such as which they presented in their day with the now famous 3310, which managed to popularize mobile phones. It is true that now come in a mature sector, but if they want to be what they were can not only attack the lowest ranges. And that is why, in my opinion, Nokia will be an irrelevant player if they fail to highlight something special. This is, of course, the most negative spin of Nokia.