Samsung Admits the Attack on the LoopPay Server, No Violations and Data Safe for Samsung Pay

Samsung acknowledged in recent days that it has received an attack on the server of the subsidiary LoopPay, acquired last February, at the base of the platform in the United States, Samsung Pay also recently landed after the great success in South Korea. The news of the hacker attack was first disclosed by the New York Times last week and then confirmed by Samsung with a statement.

“The attack on the corporate network LoopPay was rectified immediately and had no repercussions with Samsung Pay payments platform,” said Samsung.

Chinese hackers would be introduced into the network of offices of LoopPay around to last March, however, the violation was discovered only in thel August, according to a statement from the Korean House.

Samsung has now reassured that data transferred by payments made using Samsung Pay were not absolutely affected by violation of server because the structure that’s in charge is separated physically from LoopPay, in addition, the three compromised servers had no sensitive information in memory or proprietary technologies developed by the company.

According to analyst Lee Jae-yun, this news could still cause a bit of skepticism and a slowdown on deployment of services payments Samsung.