Sensor CMOS of NEC, 12 Megapixels and Video Full HD

Although everyone who understand something of cameras always tell us that the amount of megapixels does not imply or not assures the quality of the images, as many more factors are that must be taken into account so, the truth is that the vast majority of users or for those who do not understand much of photography, the number of Megapixels is the factor in which we first look to see a mobile photo.

Manufacturers are aware of this circumstance and have been long playing the megapixel race, if last November, Sony announced its sensor of 12 megapixel, NEC is now who will present his in the near MWC in Barcelona, where it is also expected that Samsung is present with a terminal that already incorporates the resolution.

The NEC CE143 It will provide in addition to high-quality photographic image, Full HD i.e. 1080 p resolution video. In terms of photographic functions, the CE143 It incorporates optical compensation, image stabilizer and an improved light signal converter. Also integrates technology of reduction of the grain that occurs when a digital image zoom and circuits of detection of faces 25 times faster than the one of its predecessor CE131, an 8-megapixel sensor that NEC has sold more than 15 million units.

In March, they will begin to send samples of the chip to manufacturers of mobile phones, at a price of $40 per unit, and for April expected to be making a million sensors per month. The sector of mobile photographic high performance has experienced strong growth in recent years and it is expected that for 2011 40% of mobile equip a camera with 5 megapixel.