Solar IP Camera with Battery Internal Wanscam HW0029

Sometimes it is necessary to install a surveillance camera in a place where there is no electricity. To solve this kind of case can use outdoor ip camera with internal battery solar as the model Wanscam HW0029.

Solar IP Camera with Battery Internal Wanscam HW0029 2

Solar IP camera prices

They are not cheap cameras precisely because as the model HW0029 includes two large solar panels.

You can see the price of solar IP camera prices at this link.

Sale of solar IP camera

To download additional information about camera solar IP using the links below:

Quick IP camera solar Guide

If you need more details for installing your solar IP camera, you can with Wanscam settings page

IP camera battery

The battery life may vary depending on the load that has.

It can last about 15-24 hours without receiving solar power only with internal batteries in its maximum load.

Content solar IP camera with battery

The camera comes packaged in a large box, since it includes two solar panels and a large stand.

Solar IP Camera with Battery Internal Wanscam HW0029

In this image you can see all the content accompanies the solar camera.

Next to the camera are accompanied short instructions in Castilian and the cd with the software, you can download more information from the Wanscam configuration page

On one side of the camera you can see a sticker with the P2P address to access the camera. It does not include address DDNS

In this image you can see in the Centre solar camera and on the sides are batteries of storage of the camera.

From the back you can see the network connector next to the reset button and the antenna connector WiFi.

From the top of the camera, you will see screws to attach the camera with the plate joins them solar panels.

Include two large solar panels , which are subjected to the solar camera.

With the mast you can hold the camera to the wall.

Mounting solar IP camera with battery

Initially must join the metal plate with the top of the camera.

The camera is thus subject to the top plate.

The product includes two panels which must be attached to the camera

Check put the upper part of the plate where this camera at the bottom of the panels.

Note that include two positions where the screws will go the camera mount.

You can secure the plate with the camera at the solar panels with screws

Check the type of screw you must use for mounting.

Feed solar IP camera batteries

First of all check using the insulating rubber connectors power.

Note that there is an arrow on the power connector must match the connector on the solar panels.

You must match this connector is the polarity of the current will receive the camera.

In the picture below you can see How to stay is the camera connected to the solar platess.

This image or as feed the camera with a feeder stream.

First go to use the camera is recommended charging the batteries with the AC adapter to ensure you have sufficient charge.

Solar IP Camera with Battery Internal Wanscam HW0029 3

Mast support for solar IP camera with battery

You can see how the camera to be large needs a stable support let the wind do not move the camera.

The end result is as you see in the image

Technical specifications batteries

ICR18500E-1450mAh 3.7V battery type

  1. 2 c 0.5A discharged capacity after a full charge

Typical 1450mAh

Minimum 1378mAh

Voltage at the end of download 2. 75±0 .05v discharged, cutting power

Details technical battery solar camera HW0029

Technical specifications solar panel

Power 12W (2 panels 6W)

Efficiency 17.9%

Maximum voltage 5V

Maximum amperage 1.2A

Size 360 x 280 x 4, 5mm

Solar cells 20 (2 units x 1 x 10)

Specifications solar panel camera wanscam

Specifications solar panel camera wanscam

These features may vary without prior notice.