Sony Z5 Compact: Live Test Battery on Our Site

Days full of novelty and thus live test battery. Has not been completed to iPhone that already we are ready to propose you to Sony Z5 compact that will be featured in our live test battery. Integrated 2700 mAh battery will take us in the evening of a day that will begin soon and will feature a trip by train and then drive about 1 hour and a half? Of course we specify that, as always, your phone already has some charge cycles behind.

We remind you that the aim of the article is not to last as long as possible a phone but to share with you (reviewers HDBlog) a day of stress so that you can compare it with your typical usage. As usual the device has installed manyapplications including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hangouts and Instagram, push gmail has two boxes and an imap mailbox in pull every 15 minutes.Connected even Pebble Steel.

Given the problems experienced today and the anomalies detected, we will try tomorrow to continue to live in very exceptional cases so you understand if Gmail was the real problem. We’ll configure your mail client Sony and see if the result will look like or, hopefully, totally different.

-Note by Andrea-

We don’t normally repeat a test battery, my philosophy (Andrew) is that a phone should be used, and should not be used by the phone. Must be used at 360°, without having to worry about programs that consume too much, they will conflict, en masse, that do not go into deep sleep and so on. The average user who uses the phone, in the vast majority of cases, didn’t even know what a battery drain. Though we compared with other international reviews of this 25 compact and it seemed that the difference was too much compared to guest data. And so, to understand it better, we repeat the test without using the gmail app but using the mail app. On one side is incorrect because the gmail app is the most widely used in the Android phones to manage mail (Google is native and since also runs POP and IMAP boxes has many phones replaced stock apps, becoming her by default) and is the one that I use for all my tests, on the other, to see if it actually was a problem in an application We want to repeat the test. Anyway yesterday will surely be considered in drafting the review because, for me, a phone already on sale, regularly purchased (the z5 compact in proof was given to me by a friend who has already made several charging cycles) should be judged as it comes out of the box.

Good second live test battery!

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is available online from ePRICE to 351 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 11 best models.