Surfaced Honor 4C: New Smartphone

Huawei blows with its Smartphone brand honor again to attack: short after the Chinese Group on mobile radio show MWC 2015 4 X presented the honor, a further mobile companion named honor 4 C on the way to the trade is now already. Indicates at least a report the Russian website 4PDA hin, whose editing the Smartphone seems to already tested before the launch and now the specifications reveals.

5 inch large screen

So provides the honor 4 C the present information according to a 5-inch screen, making it as large as the previous model of honor 3. Also on the screen resolution changes to nothing remains at 1280 x 720 pixels. Inside of honor 4C, Huawei is fast processor type hisilicon Kirin 620 with eight computing cores on the in-house, 1.2 gigahertz. For comparison: honor 3 C model offers a quad-core processor from the House mediatek.

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Better camera

Offside of which comes with the honor of 4 C 2 gigabyte (GB) large memory use. To save files, internal memory of 8 GB available, which replenish a microsd card can be is to the user. New features are also in the Kamerausstattung: Although puts Huawei continues on a 5-megapixel front camera, however, replaced the rear 8-megapixel camera of the honor of 3 C by a 13-megapixel-Knipse.

Second SIM card slot

Facilities of honor 4 C smartphones, kitkat belongs also WLAN n, Bluetooth 4.0, in addition to Android 4.4 UMTS as well as a second SIM card slot on NFC and LTE have to give users, in the honor of 3 C. Huawei however when the battery compensates this blemish: 3 C of power storage to the usage, comprehensive yet a 2,300 milliampere hours (mah) comes with the honor Huawei’s upcoming honor Smartphone offers according to present information, a 2,550-mah battery.

Launch unknown

When Huawei that officially introduces 4 C to 143, 3 x 71, 9 x 8, 8 mm and weighing 162 grams honor, is unknown. As a price for the Russian market 4PDA called 8,990 Russian rubles converted about 160 euro.