You Can Uninstall Google Apps a Good Slice of the New Nexus

The new Nexus 5 x and Nexus 6 p will introduce an interesting news regarding the management of applications preinstalled on devices of the Nexus range. As is known, the two terminals will use Android 6.0 Marshmallow in stock version; This means that they will be absent customizations or applications manufacturer and there will be only Google Apps.

The news concerns the Google application package, in that, as announced by Dave Burke, a Vice-President of Google, has been reduced to a minimum the number of installed apps to offer a faster and more immediate experience. In addition to that, about a quarter of the Google Apps have been moved to a later installation process when you first start and may be removed by the user if he wanted to free the memory of your Terminal. These applications are Google Docs, Fit, Google +, Keep, News, Play Books, spreadsheets, presentations and weather, while you cannot remove clock, Gmail, phone, Play Store and settings, for obvious reasons.

In short, Google has minimized the number of essential applications on their smartphones, to the benefit of the user’s freedom of choice and those who buy the 16 GB version of the new Nexus 5 x.

  • Huawei Nexus 6 pis available online from ePRICE at 517 euros. The price isdecent but there are few better models.
  • LG Nexus 5 xis available online from Carpentry to 209 euro or from ePRICE to303 euros. The value for money is good. There are 10 best models.