Yu Yuphoria Leave Cyanogen Android OS: 5.1.1 Lowest Price and Stock

The Cyanogen Inc. He pointed out that the collaboration between the two companies is still ongoing and that it is not a rejection as happened with the OnePlus but a choice on a given device that will continue to be supported.

We have a great partnership with YU, and happy to announce that Cyanogen 12.1 OS will be powering YU’s upcoming flagship Yutopia. We’ll also be rolling out the latest 12.1 update to Yureka/Yureka Plus very soon. It doesn’t always makes sense for us to support every device in a partner’s portfolio, and there are one-off model variations. We want to put the unfounded rumors to rest.

Change of direction for the second smartphone launched in India by Micromax last May that Yu Yuphoria much appreciated at home and for technical characteristics and for the presence of the custom OS Cyanogen OS. The latter element would be back in the spotlight over the past few hours, after the announcement from the company to remove from sale this release in favor of a model identical in hardware but with Android 5.1.1 stock and a lower price.

The new model is identified as YU5010A instead of YU5010, is already on sale in the Indian market at the price of 6499 rupees (about 90 €, the previous model had a price of 7500INR, about $ 150), a savings of a few tens of euros that will certainly please the purists of Android.Still not clear why this deployment step Android.