7 Tips to Learn How to Use Siri

She came to revolutionize the way we interact with our smartphones. The Siri is the bet of Apple in the field of virtual assistants, being able to understand user commands and to perform various tasks. Through it, you can make calls, send messages, access music, and many other functions using only the voice.

7 Tips to Learn How to Use Siri 1

To use Siri, hold the home button until it emits its characteristic sound. If the feature does not work, perhaps Siri is disabled on your device. To enable it, go to Settings, General, Siri and turn the key. When Siri is on your screen, make your request or question that she will answer in time.

Want to know how to use the Siri? Here are 7 tips to make the best use of it:

1. Make links

Through Siri, it is possible to make conventional connections, or via FaceTime for any contact in your list without having to open the calendar, or type in the numbers. Just simply say something like “call so-and-So”. In addition, Siri is able to understand the degrees of kinship. When you ask to “call my mother”, she will ask you which person you mark as “mother”. From this moment on, she will make this association without you having to speak the name of the contact every time.

2. Create reminders

Reminders are great to improve our productivity and ensure that you do not forget essential information. To count with the help of Siri, you can turn it on and say “remember me from doing such a thing at such a time”. If you have a date in mind, you can speak it also. Before you create a reminder, Siri will confirm the information with you.

7 Tips to Learn How to Use Siri 2

3. Set alarms

As well as reminders, alarms are very important for various activities, especially in the kitchen. You can activate Siri and say “create an alarm for the next 30 minutes”. This way, when the time runs out, you will be warned. She understands multiple formats of time, then it is possible to set up alarms for “from one hour and forty minutes” or “a hundred minutes”.

4. Find local

Through information Maps, the Siri can find local businesses, according to your request. Ask her to find pizzerias, restaurants or establishments by the name that she will check the Maps and give you back the data you requested.

7 Tips to Learn How to Use Siri 3

5. Send messages

If you don’t want to connect, but sending a text message, Siri can help. Call them and say, “send a message to so-and-So” that she will prepare everything for you to send this SMS using just your voice. She also understands commands with the short message, type “send a message to the Guy saying that I’m late.”

6. Ask questions

The Siri has full connection with the internet to find the information that you ask with speed and precision. Thanks to the partnership of Apple with Wolfram Alpha, it is possible to make a series of questions specific to her and get satisfactory answers. You may ask what the population of a country, in which year the Leonardo DiCaprio was born and how many miles you have in a mile, for example.

7. Touch songs

If you store a music library in your iPhone, you can take the opportunity to ask Siri to play any track or album specific. She also understands the musical genres, being able to play only rock, or pop, for example, according to your request. If you simply ask her to play any song, it will play your library in shuffle mode.

Now that you already know how to use Siri, just count with all the convenience of a new iPhone. You do not need to spend much for this, it is only to access the book of half-new of Trocafone and have more technology in their day-to-day. You can also subscribe to the blog and leave your comment about what your command was a favorite of the Siri.