ACPA Meaning

By | April 24, 2022

According to abbreviationfinder, ACPA stands for Cuban Association of Animal Production. It is an non-governmental organization that contributes, with its actions, in the field of animal industry production.


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as entities emerged in Europe after the Second World War. A significant moment of its proliferation is linked to the decade of the 1960s. Since the second half of the last century there have been various types of Organizations in Cuba grouped into associations and foundations of charity, philanthropy, public welfare, etc.

Currently there are more than 2000 NGOs in Cuba, with legal existence registered in the registry of associations of the Ministry of Justice, non-profit, most of their activity is for the benefit of members of the community in general.

The situation created in Cuban society as a consequence of the disappearance of the USSR and of the socialist camp, as well as the intensification of the blockade by the United States government, has imposed on it the adoption of a new style of work, very different in core aspects of development. The activity of Cuban NGOs is part of the strategy that the Party and the State have adopted.

In this context, the Latin American Association for Animal Production (ALPA) emerged, founded in 1966, and the ACPA, 8 years later, founded in 1974.

The ACPA has more than 32,000 individual members, more than 2,400 grassroots bodies and more than 3,000 institutional members, distributed in the 15 subsidiaries, has contributed more than 30 million dollars in collaboration projects in the 4 programs, 4 specific lines and 7 transversal axes for collaboration, with more than 25 international organizations in more than 120 projects.


This non-governmental organization has as its mission: “To contribute with its actions, experiences and resources, to sustainable human, technical -productive development in the sphere of animal production and industry.”


Has managerial ability. Autonomous financial and technical, supported by a consolidated organizational structure and sufficient infrastructure at all levels, which promotes continuous improvement through training, technology transfer and communication that meets the needs of stakeholders.
It cooperates in the sustainable technical development of animal production chains, stimulates the most efficient results and facilitates the commercialization of its products through the Genealogical Registry and Agricultural Fairs.

Due to the practical and educational usefulness with which it acts and its social contribution, it has wide national and international recognition.

Strategic projection of the ACPA

  1. Contribute to raising production, efficiency and integrated development in the animal production and industry sector.

• The main problems that limit the development of animal production and industry will have been identified and alternative solutions will have been proposed.
• Contribution will have been made to the training of directors, technicians and producers to improve management.
• The application of the International Development Cooperation Strategy has been perfected.

  1. Promote the adoption of sustainable production technologies

• Technological information will have been sensitized and expanded to the human resources of the Sector, especially those applied and validated by producers.
• Contributed to the identification and promotion of reference centers in the application of sustainable technologies
• Provided technical assistance and consulting services

  1. Contribute to the preservation and use of genetic resources and the improvement of production

• Breeders and producers will have been made aware of the importance of the preservation and use of genetic resources and tools to improve production
• The exchange of national and international information on genetic resources will have increased

  1. Contribute to the strengthening of the Agricultural Fairs and Rodeo

• It will have contributed to the operation of agricultural fairs at all levels
• The breeding, development and presentation of the best specimens of animals and their products will have been promoted
• The HR involved in fairs and rodeos will have been trained and updated, with special emphasis on the incorporation of women
• The rodeo and other equestrian events will have been perfected, taking gender equity into account.

  1. Consolidate the image of the ACPA and its social and cultural interaction

• The results of the work of all ACPA structures will have been disclosed
• Greater social and cultural attention will have been provided to associates
• Greater support will have been achieved for technical guidance work for boys, girls and young

  1. Expand national and international relations and cooperation

• The integration and active participation of the ACPA and its Societies will have been extended to related National and International Organizations and Networks.
• Work with international collaboration organizations and networks will have been consolidated.
• The presence of ACPA will have increased in national and international spaces of Civil Society in support of the Politics of the Cuban Revolution
. • National and international events whose venues have been captured by ACPA or other allied organizations will have been supported and developed.

  1. Consolidate the organization and infrastructure of the ACPA

• The organizational structure and its legal framework will have been strengthened at all levels
. • The sustainability of human, financial and material resources will have been achieved.
• It will have been possible to consolidate and increase the membership and work of the ACPA with emphasis on the fundamental sectors of animal production and industry.