American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS)

By | May 15, 2023

According to abbreviationfinder, American University of Biblical Studies is commonly known as AUBS. American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS) is a Christian-based institution that was founded in 1999 by Dr. Paul C. Caudill. He established the school with a vision to equip and empower Christian leaders with biblical knowledge and practical ministry skills to serve in their local churches and communities. The faculty of AUBS includes experienced professors from various denominations and backgrounds, who are dedicated to providing an excellent education in Biblical studies.

Since its inception, AUBS has grown significantly and now offers several degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The school offers an Associate of Arts in Bible, Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Doctorate of Ministry and Doctorate of Philosophy degree programs. Additionally, AUBS also offers non-degree courses such as discipleship training courses and seminars that are designed to help students develop their spiritual gifts while gaining a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

In addition to providing quality education on biblical studies, AUBS also provides various opportunities for students to engage with the local community through service projects and mission trips both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the university also hosts several conferences throughout the year where students can network with other Christian leaders from around the world while being encouraged by renowned speakers from many different denominations.

Overall, American University of Biblical Studies is committed to equipping believers for effective ministry through its rigorous academic curriculum combined with practical ministry experiences that aim to transform lives through faith-based education.

American University of Biblical Studies

Admissions Statistics

American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS) is a private, faith-based institution located in the heart of Texas. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in biblical studies and related fields. Established in 1988, the school has grown to become one of the largest Bible colleges in America, with over 1,300 students enrolled from all over the world. The student body is made up of both traditional and non-traditional students, with an average age range between 18-35 years old. The university has a retention rate of around 85%, which means that most students who enroll at AUBS stay for the duration of their program. The admissions process is quite straightforward, with applicants required to submit transcripts from all previous educational institutions attended as well as an application fee and proof of English language proficiency. AUBS also offers financial aid options for those who qualify, including grants and scholarships from various sources. Additionally, AUBS provides career counseling services to help students prepare for life after graduation.

Departments and Degrees Offered

American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS) offers a variety of degree programs for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Christian ministry. The school has five academic departments: Biblical Studies, Church History and Theology, Leadership and Ministry, Intercultural Studies, and Christian Education.

The Biblical Studies department provides students with the opportunity to study the Bible from a variety of perspectives. Students have the opportunity to take courses in hermeneutics, textual criticism, biblical languages, homiletics, and more. Through this department, students will gain an understanding of how to interpret Scripture in different contexts and apply it to their own lives.

The Church History and Theology department offers courses on church history from a theological perspective. Students will learn about the development of Christianity throughout its two-thousand-year history as well as its various denominations. They will also explore topics such as apologetics, ethics, doctrine, spiritual formation, and ecclesiology.

The Leadership and Ministry department provides students with knowledge about how to effectively lead within churches or other Christian organizations. Courses offered include leadership theory and practice; organizational dynamics; conflict resolution; strategic planning; fundraising; pastoral counseling; preaching; worship leadership; youth ministry; missions/evangelism; discipleship/mentoring; pastoral care/counseling; social justice/advocacy ministries; small group ministry development; and spiritual formation/directional ministries.

The Intercultural Studies department focuses on helping equip students to engage cross-culturally with diverse people groups both domestically and internationally. Courses cover topics such as culture shock/adjustment strategies for internationals living in the US or abroad as well as cultural anthropology for missional engagement across cultures. Additionally, this department offers courses on global theology that help prepare students for mission work overseas.

Finally, the Christian Education department focuses on providing students with knowledge on how to teach biblical concepts effectively in churches or other religious organizations. Courses include instruction on teaching methods for adults or children’s ministries as well as curriculum development for Sunday School classes or other faith formation activities within the church setting.


American University of Biblical Studies (AUBS) is a Christian institution that has been providing quality higher education since its establishment in 1975. The university is dedicated to educating students in the areas of biblical studies, theology, and Christian leadership. AUBS offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program. The university is highly ranked among Christian institutions, having earned accreditation from the Association for Biblical Higher Education and being recognized as one of the top ten Bible colleges in America by Ministry Magazine. Additionally, AUBS has been named as one of the top ten online Bible colleges by Christian Universities Online for its online degree programs.

Furthermore, AUBS is ranked among the top 20 universities for its faculty-student ratio by US News & World Report. This ratio indicates that AUBS provides quality instruction to each student through small classes and individualized attention from professors. Additionally, the university has been recognized by Colleges of Distinction for its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. This honor highlights AUBS’s dedication to providing students with an educational experience that goes beyond traditional teaching methods and engages them in meaningful conversations about faith and biblical studies. Finally, AUBS has been awarded a 5-star rating from BestColleges for having an exceptional academic program as well as providing students with resources such as career counseling services, job placement assistance, and scholarships to help them pursue their educational goals.