Android N 2 Preview: Option to Clear The List of Recent Applications and Redesigned Folders

The second pre-release of Android is here, and with support of Vulkan, new emojis of Unicode 9.0 graphics API and shortcuts that you can now use the launcher applications also become further improvements in its user interface, with improvements that above all will enjoy the devices that come with the purest version of Android.

Google Finally brings officially your operating system one of the most popular users and most ROMs and layers of personalization of the manufacturers have implemented years: the option of clean the entire list of recent applications.

When we go to our list of recent applications already we don’t have to go by removing one by one to clean the list. Now just will have to touch the new option “Delete all” to stop having open applications.

There is another change in the application launcher Google Now Launcher, in particular in the new design of your folders. Android Developer Preview 2 It ceases to show the 3 first stacked icons one above the other to now show a new design that shows now 2 x 2 icons in the preview of the folder.