Apple and His Lack of Clarity Makes That Neato, One of The Most Useful Widgets Are Punto De Disappear

In another episode more than what you Apple? We are witnessing of as one of the best applications is about to disappear, I mean Neato, which my colleague Eduardo spoke extensively at the time.

In short, Neato is an application that gives us the ability to have a Notepad widget in the tab “Today” from the center of notifications, but Apple has notified the developers that the next version of its popular application It has been denied due to “breach one or more points required by Apple to be in your app store”.

Apple does not want to write in the middle of notifications

This is how we see again as Apple makes use of arbitrary measures and unclear to remove an application’s most useful that can be found in the form of widget, action that we have seen in recent weeks, for example with PCalc which was eliminated by putting a calculator as a widget, but Apple turned and PCalc came to life, but it is also the case of Launcher, which placed shortcuts and Apple applied its law eliminating it shop.

And apparently we are suffering from the same ills that emerged in the early days of the App Store, with applications rejected without explanation or that eventually were eliminated, where Apple gave only a brief and little clear explanation, throwing overboard the work and time of various developers.

In the case of Neato sought an explanation beyond what he said Apple in a home, where developers spoke with technicians from the App Store who mentioned you that the main problem is the keyboard and is that according to the rules, You cannot write into the center of notifications Why? only Apple has the answer.

This is asked to Neato to developers they “only” eliminated the possibility of writing, which translates to remove the keyboard, indispensable tool for the use of the application, and Neato developers have commented that “this is a real nonsense, Neato without keyboard is nothing”, and of course you are right, so the application is destined to die.

Clear policies, users and content developers

All of the above would solve a Guide complete and accurate of what can and cannot be, Since there are ambiguities that often come into the realm of subjectivity, also if the application was accepted at the beginning why notify developers when this becomes one of the more successful?, I don’t know, but this strategy is leaving very bad stop the company and it is that this is not the first case where Interestingly all the cases that have made noise have been applications with great success.

Hopefully Apple provide more information regarding this or think such as calculators, meanwhile, Neato continues in the App Store for free now with a price of € 0.89, we do not know for how long more.