Apple Confirms The Black Friday Details, This Year Also Collaborates with Product (RED)

What first seemed to the initiative of a few applications and then went on to be an enviable Apple campaign along with some large developers returns to expand: the Cupertino company It has been confirmed the promotions of the Black Friday of this year, continuing the tradition of cards gift that you began last year.

Black Friday happens to be called (RED) Special Shopping Day Promo (at least this year), and the gift cards to be delivered with the purchase of an Apple product part of the profits to the fight against AIDS will be sent. And as for the value of those gift cards, there are good and bad news.

The good is that iPhone enters the promotion for the first time, with a $50 discount card. The bad news is that other gift cards fall value:

  • The gift card of a iPad low 75 to $50.
  • The gift card of a Mac low 150 to USD 100.
  • The gift card of a iPod low 50 to 25 dollars.
  • The gift card of a AppleTV stays in the $25.
  • New gift card: Autirulares Beats with a value of $25.

Finally, something else to keep in mind: at the moment this promotion is only valid in the United States. And therefore, It will take change to euros of those gift cards and if the promotion of Product (RED) also extends to our country, where last year continued with traditional discounts.