Apple, Declared Not Guilty in The Case of The ITunes DRM

Finally we have a final and unanimous verdict in the case of the iTunes DRM: Apple is not guilty and therefore get rid of a fine of $ 1 billion. With this, it is decided that version 7 of iTunes appeared in 2006 it was improvements to the general user and not introduced measures monopoly in favour of the iPod, as I said the accusation.

What has been defending Apple (even with the video testimony of the same Steve Jobs) is that the services covered by iTunes were integrated not to try to prevent the passage of content that came from competing services, but for facilitate the use of such services in the same way that other companies like Microsoft and Google have done.

Apple and its DRM “to protect users and agreements with companies”

More specifically, spoke of how in iTunes 7 Apple eliminated a rodeo that MusicMatch Jukebox player designed to be able to play their own songs on the iPod. But nothing: the jury has decided that this update was not “mala leche” and that focused on improving the user experience and not try to annoy the competition.

Apple has defended this stance arguing that measures taken to protect your DRM were carried out to protect the agreements made with other companies and shielding users against possible security vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, the Odyssey of more than 900 complaints against Apple ends up here. In Cupertino you won’t have to pay a dollar, and the iPod along with iTunes can not be categorized as monopoly products. Another respite that Tim Cook may be taken.