Apple Deleted Songs from Competing Services on Your IPod without Notifying Users

We continue with the trial of the alleged monopoly of Apple with the iPod, in which recordings of the own Steve Jobs are serving as testimony. Now it turns out that the company it erased songs purchased off iTunes for iPods, without even notifying the user of this.

According to statements by lawyers listed by the Wall Street Journal, the songs were cleared between 2007 and 2009. When one of them was added to the iTunes library, could appear an error message with instructions so the user restored the iPod with its factory settings.

Apple did not want external songs in iTunes to protect themselves from attacks on its security

Apple defends claiming that were security measures “legitimate”, where it was chosen not to inform the user that the user experience wasn’t too complicated. Augustin Farrugia, the company’s Security Chief, also used DVD Jon and Requiem hackers as arguments defending its strict position on security. For him, allowing songs from other shops was open the door to that hacking iTunes.

It will be a trial for Apple. Means that we have to protect your content and take action against potential attacks, but delete from songs from other sources other than iTunes and not to inform the user of this no can sit very well to the jury. We will see in what has all this.