Apple Is Looking for Employees in Brussels and Will Open 500 Authorised Dealers in India

Apple continues to expand its stores all over the world, but with different strategies depending on the market where the touch. In Brussels, for example, the company seeks to employees for inaugurating the first Belgian Apple Store.

The website of employment does not leave us much room for doubt: offers have been opened for several of the most necessary charges in a shop (Genius, Expert, specialist of inventory and Business posts), which will be inaugurated in a complex still in works called Guldenvlieslaan.

At the same time, Apple continues to make movements in India: After the demand that has had the iPhone 6 in the Asian country, the company is preparing to open up to 500 local dealers scattered throughout the areas where more is called the terminal. The key is strong pressing against the sales of the phones Samsung in the country, and the weapon to do so is to triple sales thanks to these new stores.

Different countries, different demands, different shops. India is a very populous country, and therefore is better to distribute to many shops and ensure a minimum of distribution. In Belgium we have people accustomed to buying on the internet, and a store in the capital may be sufficient (although’m me the Genius Bar will be permanent occupied if happens the same thing in Puerta del Sol or Passeig de Gracia).