Battle zone 98 Redux in the Test: Return of the Strategy Classic

Battle zone was one of the best PC games of the year 1998 power recently published revision of the strategy action Krachers still fun? What’s new? We have 98 Redux in the test Battle zone!

Battle zone 98 Redux in the Test Return of the Strategy Classic

The fictional plot of Battle zone 98 Redux plays at the end of the 1960s, so during the cold war. Soviets and Americans start a race to a newly discovered substance called bio metal. Obviously the product of alien technology, which promises incredible improvements in weapons technology. A fierce competition for the coveted organic metal ensues, which leads both parties to the conflict by the moon on several missions to the fictitious Uranus Moon Achilles.
What makes Battle zone back then as today attractive is the successful mix of first person action and strategy game. So the players not only – as in strategy games cares for usual – the management of resources and the command of units on the playing field. If it is necessary, the player jumps out of his vehicle and intervenes in the events in first-person.

Battle zone 98 Redux in the Test – Game play

At the beginning we decided between the American and the Soviet campaign. The course of the game in a total of 29 missions often follows this scheme: send your scavenger unit, to the valuable but scattered on the surface of the planet around bio-metal to collect. Meanwhile, a geyser locate to place the recyclers – your unit – care. Only now to go with the building of factories or produce weapons and units. The objectives change like unexpectedly in the course of the game: then it is to protect a specific unit or to hide a relic.

It is seated in a vehicle and can so at all times actively participate in the battle. The production of the units are controlled using key commands. Typically a sequence of numbers that appear on menus. Has one himself once engraved the key sequences, the control works surprisingly well and is very practical. Alternatively, the developer of the new edition has bought also a game pad controller. To always keep the overview in the missions, a regular look at the overview map is essential. In addition are several levels of difficulty to choose, so that even the most inexperienced Commander didn’t have to throw the shotgun in the grain.

Battle zone 98 Redux in the Test – The Technique Once And Today

The original Battle zone 1998 attended the launch. The game maximum in VGA mode, with 640 x 480 pixels was running in software mode. Reaching more quality time with a 3D accelerator. Strange for today’s users: you put such cards are in addition to his 2D-Grafikkarte in the computer. A well-known example is the 1998 also published 3dfx Voodoo 2. So were inside then 800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 768 pixels, if one could afford two Voodoo 2 (from DM 450).

For today’s computer and claims to make fit Battle zone, he had to adapt some hired developer of big boat interactive the Publisher rebellion. So, the game was bought a shader-based DirectX 9 renderer. Also the 3D models had to be completely redesigned. The Grizzly tank originally consisted of 300 polygons, there are now nearly 10,000 polygons in the Redux version. You can read more about the technical changes in the blog of rebellion.

Battle zone 98 Redux – Official Launch Trailer

While the game play remained largely untouched, including multi player and Mod support via steam workshop have been added the game to a steam support. You can expect so other game content from the fan scene.

The result of the revision can be playful as visually anyway. But one should not expect a lavish fireworks of effects. The graphic is more appropriate, the classics so very well to face.

Battle zone 98 Redux in the Test – Conclusion

A big thank you goes to the British publisher rebellion for the liberation of the strategy action classic from its digital slumber. Battle zone is at that time like today a strategy action game advanced, whose fascinating opens thanks to the successful revision now also a new generation of players.


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