Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus, Aims to Samsung as Intern

OnePlus is a company that, since its inception, has always made itself heard because of its very pungent and unscrupulous media campaign (although this trend has definitely weakened), so you can’t expect nothing less from Carl Pei, its CEO.

Through a post published on its official blog, Pei admits to having made mistakes in the handling of his latest OnePlus 2, by pointing out that the company still has a lot to learn regarding the distribution of its products. This has led Pei to a deep reflection: how to learn, as fast as you can to handle this kind of problem?

The answer is really interesting, as we have come to the conclusion that, in order to obtain theknow-how necessary, the best way is to be hired by Samsung as an intern. Pei stressed that his proposal is serious and it is motivated by the fact that Samsung, a company founded 77 years ago, is a leader in several areas for a very long time and P.e.i. wants to discover its secrets. Obviously OnePlus not merely “acquire” Samsung and without offering anything in return, but declares itself willing to let an Executive Samsung may visit their facilities and can better understand how Chinese society communicates with its users to collect feedback and offer a direct dialogue with the community.

The ultimate goal would be to strengthen the weaknesses of both companies, so as to realize better products and they can satisfy their users. Needless to say as this is one of the best ways to do this: the mutual exchange of knowledge between companies is critical to the success of large industrial companies, as in the case of Silicon Valley.