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Monkey Pox Meaning

Monkey pox is like the name suggests, a zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in monkeys. But it can also be transferred to humans What is monkey pox? As the name suggests, monkey pox is a zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in monkeys. But it can also be transferred to humans. The virus is transmitted, for example,… Read More »

Adams-Oliver Syndrome Meaning

The Adams-Oliver syndrome is a very rarely occurring disease. It is hereditary. The syndrome is characterized by congenital defects in the head and limbs and disorders of the nervous system. What is Adams-Oliver Syndrome? Adams-Oliver syndrome is an inherited condition. The sick people suffer from abnormalities and defects in the skin of the skull and… Read More »

Achlorhydria Meaning

In achlorhydria , the gastric juice of the patient carries too little or no hydrochloric acid at all. As a consequence, the absorption of substances such as iron is disturbed and pernicious anemia occurs. Treatment consists of dietary steps and vitamin B12 substitution. What is achlorhydria? In achlorhydria, the gastric juice of the patient carries… Read More »

Staging Environment Meaning

What is a staging environment? The staging environment is a server environment for testing applications and websites under approximately realistic conditions. Similar components are used here as in the release version. Staging describes a step in the workflow in most development projects. The staging environment or is a server environment that enables a comprehensive test… Read More »

Meaning of Overnight Flat Rate 2

Option 2: assuming the actual costs A simple option is for the company to pay all of the actual accommodation costs incurred. To do this, it goes without saying that an invoice must be submitted. This variant is typically particularly straightforward for employees. The company can of course state the costs as an operating expense.… Read More »

Meaning of Overnight Flat Rate

Especially those who go on a lot of business trips know how important a correct travel expense report is. Part of this is the overnight flat rate that should be claimed. In this article we explain how it works and what needs to be taken into account. What is the overnight flat rate? An overnight… Read More »

Meaning of Differential Taxation 2

Formation of the total difference It is easy to calculate the total difference. Find the sum of all purchase prices that were spent on purchasing the goods. You also form the sum of the proceeds from the goods that are resold in this period. The sum is always determined on the basis of the tax… Read More »

Meaning of Differential Taxation

The differential taxation is intended to ensure that sales tax is not charged over and over again for one and the same thing if the goods have already lost value in the meantime. This is the case, for example, when a used smartphone is resold. The regulation of the difference control ensures that sales tax… Read More »

Meaning of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the sacred city of the Jews, but also a place of great importance for Christians and Muslims, who consider it “ holy city ” because it is linked to decisive moments in their history. Jerusalem History Jerusalem, also called Zion , is a very old city, which was inhabited more than four thousand… Read More »

Meaning of Payment Term

The payment term specifies the latest by when an invoice is to be paid. In this article we summarize what you have to pay attention to when choosing the deadline and what happens if the invoice is not paid on time. Payment term – definition The payment deadline is stated on the invoice and indicates… Read More »

Meaning of Anabolics

The steroids are testosterone derivatives of synthetic steroids which increase the capacity of muscle to synthesize proteins, They cause the increase in muscle mass much more quickly than under normal training conditions, but when used in excess, they can cause a series of undesirable effects, including death. Artificially developed during the Second World War, anabolic… Read More »

Meaning of Invoice Number Part II

How do I create a consecutive invoice number? Basically there are two options: manually or using an online billing program. The latter helps to avoid errors when assigning the invoice numbers, provided the functionality is guaranteed. You should only manually create consecutive numbering if the number ranges used are not too complex and the invoice… Read More »

Meaning of Invoice Number Part I

The invoice number is an identifier made up of numbers and / or letters that a company assigns to uniquely identify an outgoing invoice. According to §14 of the Sales Tax Act, this is a mandatory requirement for the exhibiting company. How exactly you design the invoice number is up to you as an entrepreneur.… Read More »

Meaning of Small Business Clause

Company founders and new entrepreneurs can make use of some regulations that make things easier for them. The small business clause is one of them. Entrepreneurs who make use of this do not have to show sales tax on their invoices. And that can make your bookkeeping much easier. Definition of the small business clause… Read More »

Meaning of Depreciation Table Part IV

Examples for freelancers and self-employed If you work as a freelancer or self-employed, there are some things that you will definitely need, because these are industry-independent. You may have offices or halls, you may need rental tables, furniture, a kitchen, software, a PC or laptop and other hardware. You can find your halls and buildings… Read More »

Meaning of Depreciation Table Part III

Imputed depreciation The imputed depreciation among the imputed costs , which, independent of commercial law and tax optimization efforts reflect the actual depreciation in the company. The imputed costs play a role especially in internal accounting and are often used as the basis for the price calculation or the determination of the imputed profit, which… Read More »

Meaning of Depreciation Table Part II

Where can you find the depreciation table? The current version of the official depreciation tables is published on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance . According to healthknowing, the basis is the depreciation table for generally usable assets ( depreciation table AV ), in which the normal useful lives according to Section 7… Read More »

Meaning of Depreciation Table Part I

As an entrepreneur, you will be confronted with many things – especially tax-related – that you as a private person have certainly not paid enough attention to. Your purchases are very important for the company. They have a tax-reducing effect and you can write them off at the end of the year. In order to… Read More »

Meaning of Participation of Women in the Labor Market

Although the labor market has changed over time, some issues, such as gender inequality , still persist. The insertion of women in the labor market occurred late and, despite their increasing presence, women still face many challenges. In this article, the participation of women in the labor market will be discussed, how this insertion took… Read More »

Meaning of Sales Tax

You are liable for sales tax as soon as you run a business. This means that you have to levy sales tax on your sales, which you then pay to the tax office. Conversely, you can get a refund of the sales tax on products or services that you buy from the tax office. What… Read More »

Meaning of Collective Invoice

In a collective invoice, several customer orders are settled in a single invoice. A collective invoice should be used if you receive orders from a single customer on a permanent basis and then want to invoice them together at regular intervals. Why should a collective invoice be created? Instead of sending several individual invoices to… Read More »

Meaning of Monetary Benefits

Goods that a company makes available to its employees are referred to as monetary benefit. All goods that have a monetary value and are made available to the employee free of charge or at a reduced price represent pecuniary benefits. It is important that the benefit is based on the employment relationship. Benefits of a monetary value… Read More »

Meaning of Dunning Procedure

What is a dunning procedure? When can I issue reminders? If a customer does not pay an invoice within the specified period, a creditor has the right to issue a reminder. The reminder does not have to be in writing, but the written form makes sense. So you always have a receipt if the customer… Read More »

Meaning of Trade License

The trade license is the trade registration certificate. This is the official confirmation of receipt that entitles you to operate a business. The trade license has to be issued as this is provided for by the freedom of trade in Germany. However, a trade license must be applied for by a person who wants to… Read More »

Meaning of Commercial Code

The Commercial Code, or HGB for short, forms the basis or the basis of the accounting rules in Germany. The HGB contains a large part of the German laws on annual financial statements and reports as well as special regulations for insurance companies, banks and cooperatives. The Commercial Code applies to merchants and for this… Read More »

Meaning of Description of Services

Description of services – what is it? According to besteducationschools, a service description is a written, clear and consistent description of products or services that must / should be provided by project management within the framework of a project. The service description is therefore the basis for the agreement between the client and the contractor… Read More »

Meaning of Geography

We can conceptualize Geography as the science that studies the existing relationships between human beings and space, in the actions of transformation and preservation. When we reflect on how society transforms nature in space or how nature conditions, limits or drives the human population installed in a place, we are dealing with geographic studies. Such… Read More »

Meaning of Debtor

A debtor is a person who is subject to an obligation to perform as a result of an obligation. This obligation to perform is usually a monetary debt. The person who enters into an obligation to provide a service, such as the payment of a sum of money, is referred to as the debtor. In… Read More »

Meaning of Entrepreneurship

The start of self-employment is also possible with the legal form of an entrepreneurial company (UG). The entrepreneurial company is a variant of the conventional GmbH and is colloquially also called mini-GmbH , since liability does not generally run over the private assets of the shareholders. Liability is therefore normally limited to the UG business… Read More »

Meaning of Startup Coaching

In order to be successful with their future company, start-ups need the right advice. Start-up coaching is essential for many start-ups; start-ups can obtain advice on the success of their business idea, the alignment of their company with the target groups and important criteria in the start-up phase. Definition of start-up coaching According to usvsukenglish,… Read More »