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Meaning of Participation of Women in the Labor Market

Although the labor market has changed over time, some issues, such as gender inequality , still persist. The insertion of women in the labor market occurred late and, despite their increasing presence, women still face many challenges. In this article, the participation of women in the labor market will be discussed, how this insertion took… Read More »

Meaning of Sales Tax

You are liable for sales tax as soon as you run a business. This means that you have to levy sales tax on your sales, which you then pay to the tax office. Conversely, you can get a refund of the sales tax on products or services that you buy from the tax office. What… Read More »

Meaning of Collective Invoice

In a collective invoice, several customer orders are settled in a single invoice. A collective invoice should be used if you receive orders from a single customer on a permanent basis and then want to invoice them together at regular intervals. Why should a collective invoice be created? Instead of sending several individual invoices to… Read More »

Meaning of Monetary Benefits

Goods that a company makes available to its employees are referred to as monetary benefit. All goods that have a monetary value and are made available to the employee free of charge or at a reduced price represent pecuniary benefits. It is important that the benefit is based on the employment relationship. Benefits of a monetary value… Read More »

Meaning of Dunning Procedure

What is a dunning procedure? When can I issue reminders? If a customer does not pay an invoice within the specified period, a creditor has the right to issue a reminder. The reminder does not have to be in writing, but the written form makes sense. So you always have a receipt if the customer… Read More »

Meaning of Trade License

The trade license is the trade registration certificate. This is the official confirmation of receipt that entitles you to operate a business. The trade license has to be issued as this is provided for by the freedom of trade in Germany. However, a trade license must be applied for by a person who wants to… Read More »

Meaning of Commercial Code

The Commercial Code, or HGB for short, forms the basis or the basis of the accounting rules in Germany. The HGB contains a large part of the German laws on annual financial statements and reports as well as special regulations for insurance companies, banks and cooperatives. The Commercial Code applies to merchants and for this… Read More »

Meaning of Description of Services

Description of services – what is it? According to besteducationschools, a service description is a written, clear and consistent description of products or services that must / should be provided by project management within the framework of a project. The service description is therefore the basis for the agreement between the client and the contractor… Read More »

Meaning of Geography

We can conceptualize Geography as the science that studies the existing relationships between human beings and space, in the actions of transformation and preservation. When we reflect on how society transforms nature in space or how nature conditions, limits or drives the human population installed in a place, we are dealing with geographic studies. Such… Read More »

Meaning of Debtor

A debtor is a person who is subject to an obligation to perform as a result of an obligation. This obligation to perform is usually a monetary debt. The person who enters into an obligation to provide a service, such as the payment of a sum of money, is referred to as the debtor. In… Read More »

Meaning of Entrepreneurship

The start of self-employment is also possible with the legal form of an entrepreneurial company (UG). The entrepreneurial company is a variant of the conventional GmbH and is colloquially also called mini-GmbH , since liability does not generally run over the private assets of the shareholders. Liability is therefore normally limited to the UG business… Read More »

Meaning of Startup Coaching

In order to be successful with their future company, start-ups need the right advice. Start-up coaching is essential for many start-ups; start-ups can obtain advice on the success of their business idea, the alignment of their company with the target groups and important criteria in the start-up phase. Definition of start-up coaching According to usvsukenglish,… Read More »

Meaning of Liquidity Forecast

Can the current bills be paid in the next three to six months for insurance, taxes, rent, telephone etc? A liquidity forecast always gives a precise overview, because all planned and expected monthly income and expenses are recorded in it. The difference between the expected income and expenditure then results in the monthly surplus –… Read More »

Meaning of Innovation Management

Innovation management: the key to lucrative market opportunities Innovation is important for every company – regardless of whether it is small, medium or large. The prerequisite for new ideas to find their way is well thought-out innovation management. Renewal as a corporate goal “Innovation” is derived from the Latin word “innovare”, which stands for renew.… Read More »

Meaning of Variable Costs

So-called variable costs are part of business cost accounting. This is part of the total cost. It is the part that changes when the reference variable under consideration changes. Variable costs are also referred to as quantity-dependent, movable and variable costs. The counterpart to the variable costs are the fixed costs. These are called fixed… Read More »

Meaning of Proper Accounting

The principles of proper bookkeeping (GoB) define generally applicable rules as to how the bookkeeping should look in a company. Because every businessman and every commercial operation that uses double-entry bookkeeping must be able to prove that the bookkeeping is correct. The principles consist partly of codified guidelines, but partly also of non-codified regulations that… Read More »

Meaning of Bankruptcy

Businesses can go bankrupt for a variety of reasons, a common reason being that customers fail to pay their bills. If a company gets into financial difficulties, it threatens bankruptcy. Insolvency cannot always be averted, in which case insolvency proceedings must be initiated. Statutory regulations apply to insolvency. Even individuals who are insolvent can be… Read More »

Meaning of Dividend

Defined on digopaul, the dividend is the profit distribution of a stock corporation. In Section 174, Paragraph 2, Number 2, the Stock Corporation Act explicitly speaks of an amount to be distributed. Shareholders have no legal right to receive a dividend. The amount is set anew each year depending on the profit of the stock… Read More »

Meaning of Diversification

Diversification is an important measure when it comes to reducing risk. This applies in many areas of life – but especially when it comes to investing. If you have a well diversified portfolio, you can reduce the risk of loss and still take advantage of potential returns. When it comes to diversification, there are several… Read More »

Meaning of Derivatives

The financial industry calls derivative financial instruments or derivatives trading constructs to which an underlying asset is based. Securities, commodities, indices or interest rates can be used as underlyings. The value of the derivatives depends on these underlyings. According to digopaul, the derivatives mainly include options, certificates, futures, forex trading and CFDs. Most investors trade… Read More »

Meaning of Crowdfunding

The term “crowdfunding” is made up of the two English words “crowd” (meaning: mass, horde) and “funding” (meaning: financing, support). “Crowdfunding” is often translated as “crowd funding”. Crowdfunding refers to project or company financing from a large number of different donors. The crowd is usually involved via a crowdfunding platform on the Internet. With traditional… Read More »

Meaning of Canonization

The canonization is the act and the result of canonizing. This verb, in turn, comes from the late Latin word canonizāre and refers to naming, in a solemn way, an individual as a saint. This means that canonization is the process that makes a deceased human being become a saint. This process is developed by… Read More »

Meaning of Literary Canon

To understand what the literary canon is, it is best to analyze the two terms that make up the expression. A canon can be a list or a catalog that, in general, brings together what is considered as a model to follow. Literary, for its part, is what is linked to literature (the artistic discipline… Read More »

Meaning of Musical Canon

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term musical canon, it is necessary and essential to know the etymological origin of the two words that give it shape: -Canon derives from Greek, specifically from “kanon”, which can be translated as “rule” or “Measuring stick”. -Musical, on the other hand, also comes from Greek. It… Read More »

Meaning of Chanting

According to DigoPaul, the concept of chanting is used to name a kind of epic text that, in the Middle Ages, was used to narrate the adventures of a hero. These works allowed the representation and diffusion of the models of a culture or a people. The deed songs are poems of great length that… Read More »

Meaning of Pitcher

The Greek word kántharos came to Latin as canthărus, and later to our language as a pitcher. In addition to the above, we must point out that the Greek word was used to refer to a kind of beetle, although later, with the passage of time, it also began to refer to a glass that… Read More »

Meaning of Quarry

The first meaning of the term quarry mentioned in the dictionary of the DigoPaul refers to the place from which stones or other similar materials are obtained. The quarries are mining operations that are carried out in the open pit. Granite, limestone or marble can be obtained from a quarry, to name a few possibilities.… Read More »

Meaning of Quantity

From the Latin quantitas, quantity is the portion of a magnitude or a certain number of units. For example: “We need more money to move”, “Please don’t serve me so much food that I have to go back to the office later”, “I think in this World Cup, we are going to spend a good… Read More »

Meaning of Song

The concept of song, which comes from the Latin word cantus, refers to the act and consequence of singing: this action, which can be performed by a human being or an animal, consists of generating sounds that are melodious and, in general, pleasant in the ear of people. For example: “My daughter has taken singing… Read More »

Meaning of Canton

In order to establish the meaning of the term canton, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can indicate that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “cantus” or “canthus”, which can be translated as “edge” or “metal rim of a wheel”. According to… Read More »