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Melanin Deficiency Meaning

Melanin deficiency is characterized by a lighter coloration of the skin, which can appear all over the body or just in patches. The causes of the disease are varied and a precise medical history is required to clarify them. In general, however, the lack of melanin is almost always harmless, but it can represent a… Read More »

Meteorism Meaning

Meteorism describes a disease that is often not immediately recognized and therefore not treated. In addition, bloating, a disease of the digestive system, is uncomfortable for many sufferers. Stomach pain, a feeling of fullness even after eating a small amount of food, and a stomach that seems as swollen as a medicine ball are the… Read More »

Capsular Contracture Meaning

Capsular contracture is a complication that can occur with breast augmentation. Due to a natural but excessive immune reaction of the body, a hard tissue capsule forms around the breast implant. Improved implants and more gentle surgical techniques can significantly reduce the risk of capsular fibrosis. What is capsular contracture? Cross-section of a breast with a silicone… Read More »

Laryngeal Paralysis Meaning

Laryngeal paralysis is the result of damage to the tenth cranial nerve and its branches and can occur unilaterally or bilaterally. In the majority of cases, paralysis of the larynx can be treated well within the framework of speech therapy and/or surgical measures. What is laryngeal paralysis? Laryngeal paralysis manifests itself through characteristic symptoms such as hoarseness,… Read More »

Laryngocele Meaning

A laryngocele is a bulging of one of the two mucous membrane pockets, which in humans are located in pairs on the side of the larynx between the vocal folds and the pocket folds. A laryngocele can be congenital or acquired throughout life. Due to the inflammatory processes that can take place within a laryngocele,… Read More »

Learning Disorder Meaning

A learning disability is a developmental disability that causes children to be unable to keep up with their peers in school and other learning. There are different types of learning disorders, all of which require appropriate therapy. What is a learning disorder? A learning disorder shows up with symptoms at school at the latest, but… Read More »

Krukenberg Tumor Meaning

Krukenberg tumor is a tumor secondary to gastrointestinal carcinoma. Metastasis usually occurs bilaterally, i.e. on both sides. If detected early, a good chance of survival can be achieved with neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy including radical surgery. In the advanced stage, the chance is rather small. What is a Krukenberg tumor? The symptoms of a Krukenberg… Read More »

Childish Fat Foot Meaning

It often happens that small children have a foot malposition, the so-called childhood flat foot, which is harmless and usually disappears on its own by the time they start school. What is a child’s flat foot? It is significant that the deformity only occurs after learning to walk. This phenomenon is rarely painful, does not… Read More »

Hypermenorrhea Meaning

The term hypermenorrhea refers to excessively heavy menstruation. This leads to significantly increased blood loss and an additional loss of tissue. The causes lie in changes in the reproductive organs or other mental and physical illnesses. Depending on the individual reason for the symptoms, hypermenorrhea can be treated differently. What is hypermenorrhea? Hypermenorrhea manifests itself… Read More »

Hemorrhoids Meaning

According to abbreviationfinder, hemorrhoids  are not a disease directly, but the colloquial term for a hemorrhoidal disease. Hemorrhoids are natural erectile tissue in the anal area. If the haemorrhoids are blocked with blood and its drainage is disturbed, this is referred to as haemorrhoidal disease. These knot-like bulges in the mucous membrane are accompanied by… Read More »

Immunodeficiency Meaning

In medicine, one speaks of an immune defect or immunodeficiency when the immune system is disturbed and can no longer protect the body from pathogens and cancer cells. In healthy people, the immune system works quite well, but is also very susceptible to disruption. What is an immune deficiency? In general, the immune deficiency can… Read More »

Histamine Intolerance Meaning

Many people today suffer from food allergies. However, some people cannot be diagnosed with a food allergy and still have a wide variety of food intolerance reactions. It could be a histamine intolerance or histamine intolerance. What is histamine intolerance? According to abbreviationfinder, the term histamine intolerance describes an imbalance between the histamine in the… Read More »

Cardiac Wall Aneurysm Meaning

According to, the physician describes a bulge that has formed on the heart wall as a heart wall aneurysm ( ventricular aneurysm ). Heart wall aneurysms occur primarily in the left ventricle. The heart wall aneurysm is not a classic disease; it is primarily one of the late complications after a heart attack. If… Read More »

Skin Diseases Meaning

In order to get a general overview of the topic of skin diseases, the following text provides information about the causes, the diagnosis and the course of skin diseases as well as their treatment and prevention. What are skin diseases? According to AbbreviationFinder, a skin disease (medical term: dermatosis ) is understood to mean diseases… Read More »

Goodpasture Syndrome Meaning

Goodpasture ‘s syndrome is a rare but serious autoimmune disease that primarily affects the lungs and kidneys. The disease cannot be cured. What is Goodpasture Syndrome? Goodpasture syndrome was first described by American pathologist Ernest William Goodpasture in 1919. He drew the picture of a certain form of kidney inflammation combined with pulmonary hemorrhage. Today… Read More »

Haglund Syndrome Meaning

Haglund ‘s syndrome, also known as Haglund’s heel, is caused by a bony change (ganglion bone) on the heel bone in the area of ​​the insertion of the Achilles tendon. The name goes back to the Swedish surgeon Patrik Haglund (1870 – 1937). Haglund heel can be extremely painful and can be treated conservatively or… Read More »

Erectile Dysfunction (Erectile Impotence) Meaning

The erectile dysfunction (erectile impotence) is a disease of the male potency or a dysfunction of the penis when Geschlechtsaxt (sex). This often leads to permanent erectile dysfunction in which the man is unable to achieve an erection through sexual stimuli. This form of potency problems mostly have psychological causes. But organic reasons can also… Read More »

Mental Disability Meaning

An intellectual disability is present when a person can handle and apply any new information. In addition to a reduction in intelligence, social skills are also severely impaired. Intellectual disability can be both congenital and acquired. An intellectual disability cannot be cured, but depending on its severity, it can be treated in order to enable… Read More »

Biliary Colic Meaning

A biliary colic refers to an inflammation of the gallbladder, which is triggered by formed there stones. Patients suffer from pressure and inflammation pains and often from febrile concomitant diseases that can result from the body’s defense reaction to the internal inflammation of biliary colic. What is biliary colic? Biliary colic is usually diagnosed after… Read More »

Diverticula in the Intestine (Diverticulosis) Meaning

According to, diverticula in the intestine are particularly found in the large intestine. If various diverticula have developed in the large intestine, this clinical picture is also known as diverticulosis. Diverticula in the small intestine, on the other hand, rarely occur and the person concerned usually has no symptoms. What are diverticula in the… Read More »

Derealization Meaning

With derealization, the patient perceives the environment as unreal. The trigger are often emotional stressful situations. For treatment, patients usually receive cognitive behavioral therapy. What is derealization? People generally perceive their environment as familiar. Even in a foreign country, at least the way of perception remains familiar. The perceived world therefore appears real and close… Read More »

Costello Syndrome Meaning

The Costello syndrome is an autosomal dominant inherited undesirable development. Characteristic features are developmental delays, intellectual disability, cardiac abnormalities, and gross facial features. What is Costello Syndrome? Costello syndrome is caused by a mutation in the HRAS gene. The genetic defect is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, which means that only one copy of… Read More »

Bronchiolitis Meaning

When Bronchiolitis is a viral infectious disease. Usually the disease heals on its own after a mild course. What is bronchiolitis? Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles (small branches of the bronchi in the lower airways). Bronchiolitis occurs primarily in infants and toddlers under 2 years of age, as their airways are still comparatively vulnerable.… Read More »

Charcot Foot Meaning

The Charcot foot is a rare special form of the diabetic foot. This results in a softening of the bone, which ultimately breaks even under normal stress. What is a Charcot foot? Charcot’s foot or Arthropathy is primarily a problem for diabetics. 95 percent of all patients are people with diabetes mellitus. According to DigoPaul,… Read More »

Chondroblastoma Meaning

Chondroblastomas are benign bone tumors. The benign neoplasm most commonly affects children and adolescents. The treatment is carried out by means of curettage. What are chondroblastomas? Bone tissue corresponds particularly to hard connective and supporting tissue and forms the human skeleton. There are between 208 and 212 bones in the human body. All of them… Read More »

Barotrauma Meaning

Many people suddenly experience severe pain in their ears and dizziness while an aircraft is approaching for landing, at the end of a mountain trip in a gondola or in the middle of a dive. These symptoms could indicate middle ear barotrauma. This is triggered by the changed pressure, which cannot be compensated. What is… Read More »

Ocular Herpes Meaning

The following article provides information about ocular herpes (herpes on the eye), which usually occurs as an inflammation of the cornea (herpes corneae). The causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a herpes disease in the eye are explained below. What is ocular herpes? According to DigoPaul, eye herpes is inflammation of one or both eyes.… Read More »

Astigmatism Meaning

In an astigmatism, astigmatism or astigmatism healthy curvature of the cornea is compromised due to various possible causes. The recognition of points is influenced by this; they are perceived as lines. What is astigmatism? According to DigoPaul, Astigmatism is also known as astigmatism or astigmatism and is an eye defect that can impair sharp vision.… Read More »

Monkey Pox Meaning

Monkey pox is like the name suggests, a zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in monkeys. But it can also be transferred to humans What is monkey pox? As the name suggests, monkey pox is a zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in monkeys. But it can also be transferred to humans. The virus is transmitted, for example,… Read More »

Adams-Oliver Syndrome Meaning

The Adams-Oliver syndrome is a very rarely occurring disease. It is hereditary. The syndrome is characterized by congenital defects in the head and limbs and disorders of the nervous system. What is Adams-Oliver Syndrome? Adams-Oliver syndrome is an inherited condition. The sick people suffer from abnormalities and defects in the skin of the skull and… Read More »