Cell Phones in 2005: the Mobile Technology Looked Like Ten Years Ago

There is hardly an area developed as rapidly as the mobile market. Who takes a look today at the year 2005 back, smooth believes to see the technology stone age: clamshell phones with 2-megapixel camera, mobile Internet via UMTS and 100 megabytes of internal memory at that time were an achievement and highlights. Considering camera with 10 megapixels and more, mobile Internet via LTE and 128 gigabytes of storage this data conjure highest nor a tired smile on our face.

First Smartphone, but still no iphone

The word Smartphone today an integral part of our everyday vocabulary at the time only experts know. Although there was already such a thing as smart phones with the T-Mobile MDA III or the Nokia Communicator 9500. The first iphone and thus the Smartphone revolution had two more years to wait.

DVB-flop for the mobile

Other terms from the year 2005 are again fall into oblivion. Remember that is still at the feeble attempts to establish its own transmission standard for mobile TV using DVB-H? Of which no one speaks today when watching TV on your mobile phone, then via the Internet or DVB-T. About companies such as Siemens and Sony Ericsson, no one speaks more in connection with mobile phones also: your days as cell phone manufacturers are gone.

Nokia N90, T-Mobile MDA Pro & co.: the mobile highlights ten years ago

18 mobile phones Mobile phones 10 years ago

Killer-app video calling

Anders as DVB-H is the video telephony since 2005 constantly before the breakthrough, even if the waves have calmed down some. Video telephony was then still the justification for front cameras, the argument is now rather Selfie. To look at, phoning directly into face has become for some everyday life the others feel as uncomfortable or as a function without added value. It is certainly no longer the killer application.

Cell phone use pretty expensive

Alongside the hardware, of course also the mobile phone tariffs have changed: prices went sharply down. Who today mobile phone, often does so with a flat rate, which completely covers all types of use with a monthly fixed rate. It was ten years ago, not even to think. At that time, per-minute rates dominated the cell phone bill of 20, 50 or even 80 cents. Users had to distinguish between the internal network and external network talks as well as main and off-peak times. There was still something like monthly fees or minimum sales. The foray into the mobile Internet providers now unimaginable in minutes or megabytes could pay. The Smartphone usage today in 2005 would have been quite so expensive.

In the photo spread, our site has combined image mobile highlights of that time. Whether Nokia 6680, Siemens S65 or T-Mobila MDA Pro they all had 10 years ago somewhere in the leaderboards of the tester and the jacket pockets of users. Click through the gallery and revel in memories.