Conceptual UI from Nokia to Unify Online Services That Use

Whether we like it more or less, we use Internet to establish social relationships, people spend much time connected and there are many more ways to maintain and create relationships, therefore, social networks and online services in general are the following field to conquer the mobile phone.

Nokia is with the concept that we show in the video, join these different services into a single interface user, take a step forward the integration proposed by tangible phones as the Palm Pre or the HTC Hero.

Logically the idea we know it, it’s related to each of our contacts have of Google, Flickr, or Facebook, in the same application, ultimately sharing the same interface.

The development of this demonstration by Nokia have been used HTML5, JavaScript and SQL, and it works on OS Maemo, that effervescent way it is appearing in our monitors thanks to its use in the Nokia N900.

In the version that currently have developed, services such as Twitter or OviShare they are supported, and as you can see in the video both live together under the same interface without any problem, showing the latest updates of our contacts, that we can call them or send a message from the same area.