Consistent Meaning

By | February 27, 2022

To discover the meaning of the term consistent it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of these three components:
-The prefix “with”, which is synonymous with “together” or “all”.
-The verb “sistere”, which can be translated as “being fixed in a place”.
-The suffix “-nte”, which is used to indicate “agent”.

The adjective consistent is used to qualify that which has consistency or that consists. The idea of ​​consistency, for its part, is linked to firmness, persistence or stability.

For example: “The company’s production level has been growing consistently for two years thanks to investments and the good performance of the economy”, “The Nigerian team managed to maintain a consistent pace throughout the tournament”, “Al Bulgarian writer awarded him a recognition consisting of a gold medal and a financial reward of 25,000 euros ”.

The concept of consistent is often used to refer to that which is solid, either physically or symbolically. A pudding, to cite one case, can become more consistent if, during preparation, flour is added to the mixture. This means that the consistency of the pudding will be firmer. On the other hand, a tennis player can show a consistent level if his game does not present unevenness or failures throughout an entire match.

Within the field of construction it is very common to use the term at hand. Specifically, it is used to refer to materials that can be trusted when carrying out any work because they are synonymous with resistance, firmness and even stability.

In this sense, we can state that among the materials that have this aforementioned characteristic are from wood to concrete through iron, for example.

The consistency of something is also what makes it up or defines it. A journalistic chronicle may point out that “last night a tribute to the Spanish singer was held in the municipal cultural center, consisting of the delivery of a diploma and a portrait made by a famous photographer. As can be seen, the tribute consisted of two gifts (a diploma and a portrait) that were given to the singer in question in an act that took place in a cultural entity.

In addition to all that is indicated, it must be emphasized that in the field of logic and metalogics, the use of the term consistency is used. In this case, it is used to make mention of the property that certain formal systems have and that consists in the fact that one does not have the ability to deduce what are contradictions within the system itself.

Starting from this concept and supporting it at the same time, there are different theories developed by the Austrian logician and philosopher Kurt Gödel, such as the completeness theorem.