Controversy Meaning

By | April 10, 2022

Controversy, from the Latin controversĭa, is a discussion between two or more people who exhibit conflicting or contrary opinions. It is a dispute over an issue that generates different opinions, and there is a discrepancy between the participants in the debate.

For example: “The player got into a dispute with his coach considering that the team is not using the most appropriate tactic”, “Lucas generated a dispute within the company by opposing the hiring of a new salesperson”, ” The controversy within the government was accentuated with the resignation of Minister Carrizo”.

Bullfights often generate controversy.

Types of controversy

According to, the notion of controversy can be understood on a small scale (a private confrontation between two people) or as a global situation involving millions of people (a society divided on some issue).

Certain controversies erupt over a particular issue that can even be considered as something minor. This type of controversy is usually momentary or temporary and, even if an agreement is not reached between the parties, it does not change the essence of things.

Other controversies, on the other hand, are historical and affect dimensions such as religion, philosophy or politics. The deepest controversies can generate fanaticism and extreme positions, since what some people accept as normal or correct, can be taboo for others.

The case of global warming

Throughout the centuries there have been many issues that have generated controversy throughout the world or that have confronted different societies. Thus, for example, most topical is the one that revolves around what is called global warming of the planet.

The main causes of those changes that the world is undergoing, determining if the action of man is what fundamentally originates those or the steps that necessarily have to be taken are more exactly the tricky issues and that have provoked more “confrontations” between different authorities.

Nuclear power is controversial due to the pollution it causes.

Other controversies of great importance

The usefulness and benefits of video games, nuclear energy in all its extension or even the essence of biopsychiatry have also been other issues that have been generating controversy in recent years.

Some time ago, for example, the controversy that was on all the front pages of the newspapers was the set of expansion works that were promoted in the Panama Canal and that have confronted the country’s government and the construction company over certain financial agreements.

Bullfighting as an artistic, cultural or sports spectacle is a common controversy in several countries around the world. The defenders believe that the bullfights are part of the identity and history of the people, while the detractors equal the practice with torture.

More uses of the concept

In addition to all of the above, we would have to underline that, in other countries, the term controversy has another meaning. A good example of this is in Cuba, where it is used to act as a synonym for counterpoint. This is a unique challenge that is established between two people and that consists of them verbally facing each other. How? Through the action of singing verses that are completely improvised.

Likewise, it must be emphasized that the adverbial phrase is also formed with the word in question without controversy. She comes to have the same meaning as “without a doubt”.