Correct Meaning

By | April 22, 2022

Correct, a term that derives from the Latin word correctus, is an adjective that is used to qualify that which does not present faults, errors or faults. The correct thing is developed according to the rules or the established norms.

For example: “That’s correct, my name is Santiago Juttoprecky and I live next door”, “The state of the road is correct”, “In yesterday’s exam I had eight correct answers and only two errors”.

According to, the idea of correct is often used with respect to language, whether oral or written. It can be asserted that saying “Did you understand me?” is not correct: the correct expression is “Did you understand me?” . In this case we find a distorted conjugation of the verb to understand in the second person singular of the Past Perfect Simple tense, of the Indicative mood.

This mistake, which consists of adding a letter S to the end of said conjugation, is very common in several Spanish-speaking countries, if not in all. Although its origin is not known precisely, many scholars of the language estimate that it derives from a confusion with the second person plural, in the same mood and tense, where there must be an S at the end: «understood, you did, you bought ».

Similarly, it is correct to write “tree”, while it is incorrect to write “tree”, according to spelling rules. The root of this type of error is much easier to find, since it is usually due to the confusion between similar words (“bee and sheep”) or to the fact that certain pairs of letters of our alphabet are pronounced the same way in some situations (for example: B and V sound the same in most Spanish-speaking regions).

If someone comments that the conditions of the playing field of a stadium are correct, they are referring to the fact that the terrain does not present major shortcomings. The correct maintenance of a car, on the other hand, requires periodically checking the oil level and tire pressure and taking the vehicle for a mechanical check-up at least once a year. It is the “right thing to do” as it is the right thing to do to avoid problems.

When the adjective is applied to a human being, it alludes to their irreproachable behavior: “I will not allow him to speak of my father like that, a correct man who has never messed with anyone!” , “Juana has always been a very correct person”, “I thought that Ramiro was a correct individual, but now I realize that he was wrong: he has defrauded many clients”.

The problem, so to speak, with this concept begins when it is applied to the way in which people live, analyzing it according to the contemporary parameters of morality, since any attitude or behavior that is out of the norm is usually described as « incorrect”, even if it does not have even a vertex of harmfulness. Sexuality is one of the most misunderstood issues by our species, and is often the focus of criticism and sanctions by the most conservative.

When we move away from the precepts and impositions of society to lead a more spontaneous life, opinions and, many times, rejection and hatred come from those people who do not dare to free themselves. We cannot question whether homosexuality is correct, for example, in the same way that we do not question the force of gravity or the existence of light; Better still, we don’t ask ourselves if heterosexuality is correct, and this should be enough to avoid the previous questioning.

In the realm of morality, it is very difficult to decide what is right; To simplify things, we could say that it is wrong to hurt someone who is in a state of vulnerability, invade her circle of freedom and prevent her from deciding for herself; everything else should be left out of this highly polarized measurement.