Counted Meaning

By | March 6, 2022

Undoubtedly, the term counted that concerns us derives from the verb count. And this has its etymological origin in Latin, specifically in the word “computare” which can be translated as “enumerate quantities”. It is the result of the sum of two clearly delimited components:
-The prefix “with”, which means “together”.
-The verb “putare”, which is synonymous with “estimate”.

Counted is a notion that derives from the verb count : number something, narrate an event, take into account. From these meanings, counted can be used in different contexts.

What can be told what happens on a few occasions and it is rare. For example: “We observe this type of behavior in few cases”, “In my twenty years as a doctor, I only came across this picture on rare occasions”.

Something recounted can also be what is referred to or related by someone : “According to what was told by a witness to the event, the motorcyclist crossed the red light and rammed the pedestrian”, “The event told by my neighbor seems not very credible to me”, ” The president was very happy with the news, according to what his advisers said ”.

The spot, on the other hand, is the cash : that is, the money in cash (available at the time bills and / or coins). When an individual pays in cash, he pays the corresponding price by delivering the necessary tickets. Cash can also refer to the delivery of a check or money order, always simultaneously with the completion of the transaction.

The cash payment, therefore, differs from the installment payment. Suppose someone decides to buy a television that is priced at $ 2,000. If the buyer takes that amount out of his pocket and hands the bills to the seller, he will have paid for the television in cash. On the other hand, if you appeal to your credit card and decide to pay the device in twelve installments, it will be an installment payment: the subject will pay a part of the price of the television monthly (including financial expenses) until the entire payment is completed.

Many are the people who, when purchasing any product, choose to pay for it through cash payment. They do it this way because they consider that this way has a series of notable advantages such as the following:
-It is considered to be a way of saving, since it avoids having to face commissions and interests as it does when paying in installments.
-In the same way, it helps to face the payment with the price that that product has at that moment. And it is that, for example, if a property is bought in installments, it is possible that its cost will be increased by external variables of different types.
-Avoid having to pay bills.
-You can enjoy different discounts and promotions offered by companies to pay in cash.
-You avoid having a debt that can overwhelm and stress you.

On the contrary, among the disadvantages of paying in cash are that you cannot deduct taxes on certain purchases or that it requires owning the total money that the product you want to purchase costs.