CyanogenMod 7.0.2 Stable Now Available for Download

A couple of weeks, and after several release candidates, CyanogenMod reached stable version 7. Today its creators have updated the ROM double since the first update, version 7.0.1, contained a few errors that seem to be resolved in 7.0.2.

This new update is available both in the CyanogenMod website, where we will have to select our terminal, or you can also download directly via ROM Manager a feature that, personally, find me much more comfortable.

If you have already upgraded to 7.0.1 highly recommended that you upgrade to 7.0.2. In the CyanogenMod github you can see the list of updates that incorporate these two updates. If you were already in version 7.0 and you have not found any performance problem really did not deserve the penalty update because there is no critical changes in the update.